' The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.'
The health care providers are an individual or a company who is authorized to perform surgery and practice medication on living beings. the authorization given by the state or central government based on their qualification. The health care provider are nurse practitioners, doctors, and general physicians. The health care services majorly in four work in areas of health promotion, prevention of disease, rehabilitation, diagnosis, and treatment.
The health care providers are in great demand because of several diseases arising out of the ever-evolving environment and the not so fit the lifestyle of humans. These health care providers help humans live healthy and show cure to most of the diseases.
Health care providers are present at different levels.

Primary level of health care.

The very first contact of population and health care provider
Services are delivered through sub-center, primary health care(PHC)
It has mostly health assistant both male and female
Each referral center for 6-sub center.
India has around 25,020 primary health care(2014)
Established and maintained by the State Government under the Minimum Needs Programme(MNP)/ Basic Minimum Services Programme(BMS).

Secondary level of health care

The very first referral level of health care
Community health care( CHC)
This center has specialist doctors like physicians, surgeons, pediatricians, anesthetists, and so on.
India has 5363 CHC (2014)
It is a referral point of four PHC.
Established under state government under MNP/BMS program.
Tertiary level of health care
The second referral level
Medical colleges or hospitals.
These centers have the health care providers performing the services in free by the public.
The type of health care provider can also be defined in different sections. These health care organization also has specific departments. They are part of the medical assistance companies and expertise of their field.
We call doctors to everyone but that should not be the case. We have a general physician, pediatrician present at the primary level of health services. Patients go to them for first-level diagnose and check-up.
If the patient is not cured then they refer it to the wide range of specialists. We have psychologists, dentists, neurologists, cardiologists, and urologists.
For example, some with symptoms of cancer will first go to the primary health care service. If not cured with the medication she will then be transferred to the specialist reading the test reports.
She will be transferred to cancer treatment hospitals. We have around more than 80 best cancer treatment hospitals in India. Most of them provide medication at free.
The same is for the bone marrow transplant, diabetes, etc. the medication is a process that takes time and only one cannot treat you.
Nurse practitioners
They are actual volunteers present in the hospital, assisting medical companies, and different organizations. The work is to perform a test which specifies the disease. Blood sugar test, pressure check, helping the patient give medicine, and providing instruction on their diet. They assist the doctors and surgeons both. The qualification may vary depending on what duties they perform and with their experience and qualification. They are the most crucial member of the health care service.
These health care providers boost the mental health of the patient and help them fight the disease better. They do not perform surgery or any medication. Instead they work along patient through three aspects,
Physical therapists- they can be termed as a teacher or instructor who helps patient work on their muscles, strength, and movements. They are generally present in the rehabilitation center. Mostly working after the surgery or with sports player. They learn the tricks to work with the body to simply how exercise, acupressure, and physical activity can cure disease.
Occupational therapists- these therapists heal the patients who suffer from post-dramatic strokes or children who have development issues. Their duty requires a doting care towards the patient.
Speech therapists- they as the names suggests work for speech issues. most of the people find it difficult to speak even after reaching a certain age. children or any patient with mental disorder.
The surgeons are mostly present at the territory level of health care. the secondary level may have few surgeons though. the surgeon's duties are crucial and require help from all the staff if one comes to visit for a surgery. The surgeon performs the duties of transplantation of organs, delivery of pregnant women, and other cutting and stitching of different organs. India has a wide range of hospitals, medical companies, and nursery homes which has surgeons performing the duty with a success rate. Cancer treatment hospitals are filled with surgeons to perform duties of transplantation of kidney, heart so the person can live for with a special cause.
Drug therapists
The pharmacists that we go to for prescribing medicine for the or any infection are also given license to run the business. They also give information about the medicine and give medicine accordingly. They evaluate your health as a volunteer.

The health care providers and their services are not for free. They charge accordingly. The public health services may provide free treatment under several policies depending upon the states and central schemes given. Other organizations also provide awareness about the disease and their prevention as a social worker for the nation like WHO. The work of a health care provider is never-ending and is wide-ranged until we make some changes in our lifestyle.

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