A kiss is an expression of love, sentiments, affection, greeting, respect, sexual arousal, good luck, passion and friendship. Kissing is touching or pressing lips on ones cheeks, forehead or palms, a kiss can be natural, cultural, ritual and symbolic gesture to express respect and devotion.
There are several Types Of Kisses which are expressed in different ways with different feelings, here is the list of various types of kisses.
• THE FRENCH KISS: It is the worlds most famous and passionate kiss which includes lot of tongue work, saliva and proper passionate movement to make your partner go mad in love with you so practice the technique and become a master of French kiss, I am sure your partner will always revolve around you for more.
• FOREHEAD KISS: It’s a kiss where you gently place lips on the forehead of your mate which expresses admiration and social gesture to indicate friendship and comforting someone. A forehead kiss is an adoration and affection to say “I care for you” without uttering words, forehead kisses shows gentle behaviour more sense of maturity and understanding.
• CHEEK KISS: Among many types of kisses cheek kissing is the most common one, a kiss placed on cheeks of your partner out of happiness, a mother kisses on cheeks out of love and affection, friends kisses to show joy and social gesture the prime motive of cheek kiss is to express respect, care, love and adoration it does not show any kind of sexual feelings or romance.
• NECK KISS: There are many seductive kisses but the most passionate and romantic one is neck kiss. I9+-t is the lust filled act and not done among friends, neck kissing is deep and pecked on neck to express his interest physically in you it is the moist intimate way of kissing, such type of kiss happens among long term couples and two parties getting to know each other.
• ESKIMO KISS: it is also known as nose kiss or nose rubs, it is the act of pressing the tip of nose against others nose to express friendly gesture.
• BUTTERFLY KISS: it is the most dynamic and trendy types of kisses, to place butterfly kiss move your face close to your partner so that your eyes are almost close touching and fluttering your eyelids rapidly this gives your partner feeling of being kissed by the delicate wings of butterfly.
• EARLOBE KISS: it’s the most alluring and seductive type of kiss, the target of this kiss is to arouse sexual feelings in your partner. One may make its partner completely enticed by gently kissing or nibbling the earlobes it is packed with deep passion leaving its magic for a longer time.
• TEASING KISS: John Mayer’s word “your body is a wonderland” goes well with tease kiss as while exploring your partners body you tease by kissing, nibbling licking and sucking through your lips from fore7head to all the way down. It is the most erotic kiss for foreplay method and dedicated lovers.

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I am sure your partner will always revolve around you for more.