Lawn Mower and tips for maintaining lawn mower

According to the type of blades there are two types of lawn mowers:



Rotating lawn mowers are the most common ones, used by most people. However they do not serve for cuts of less than 2 centimeters in height so for those prairies that are wanted to keep to low height it is necessary to use the helicoidal ones.

lawn mowers are used for low-cut lawn mowers . They can cut even millimeters; The rotary, as I say, no. For example for an ornamental lawn composed of fine species such as Agrostis and Poas or for golf course greens it has to be done with a helical machine. The cut they give is cleaner than that of the presses, Like scissors.

We can also classify lawn mowers in:
1. Manual lawn mower
2. Self-propelled lawn mower
3. Self-supporting mower or "tractor"

Let us discuss each of them in brief:

1. Manual lawn mower

We have to push them forward. They can carry a motor to drive the blades, or not. The ones that do not carry motor of any type, are for surfaces of a maximum of up to 500 m2.

If you want to exercise choose a machine these.

2. Self-propelled lawn mower

They have a gasoline engine that moves the blades and wheels and therefore you do not have to push them. One variant is the air- cushioned mower that is wheelless, electrically powered and suitable for small gardens.

3. Self-supporting mower or "tractor"

You sit. It is used for large gardens. From 3,000 m2 are more than recommended.

As in other machines, it is better to buy one that is of a quality, even if it is more expensive. In the long run it is much better and you are glad for the comfort it supposes and how well they work.

Tips for maintaining the lawn mower

• Check the oil level . Ideally, every time you cut it.

• Clean the blades and the machine in general.

• Two-stroke engine mixes oil with gasoline . The 4-stroke have a tank for gasoline and another for the oil.

• Check sharpening of blades and affix them if necessary. Do not neglect it and there are many people who never get them sharpened.

• Check the air filter if you work in dusty areas.

• Make the oil change if completed the stipulated hours of work.

• In winter, which is hardly used, a general overhaul of the machine should be made.

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