Leather slippers or more commonly termed chappals for men have been in fashion for a long time now. Out of all the mens footwear, chappals have been preferred by men for their light-weight and the comfort they provide. As even Sir Edward Coke once said, “Once a man slides his feet into his homey slippers the stress of the world slips away.”

Slippers are not only known for their comfort but also for the versatility they bring in. A perfectly designed leather slipper is not only a preferred home footwear choice but can also be put on for other purposes including casual outings. Moreover, if chosen wisely, they can even be put on with traditional outfits.

But what makes a good leather slipper is the quality of leather used to craft them. It is the quality that defines leather slippers. Better the quality of leather more is the durability and combined with a mix of comfort, the perfect footwear is born.

So it is very important to have proper knowledge of the different types of leather used as it can help you in choosing the best chappals for yourself which you can flaunt on various occasions. Here are the different types of leathers generally used to make leather chappals for men:

Different Types of Leather used for Leather Slippers:

Before we get into discussing the different types of leather used, let’s have a brief discussion on where leather for shoes or other purposes comes from.

Leather has been used for fashioning footwear since ancient times. Leather mainly is formed out of the skin(hide) of animals(cow, pig, sheep, deer, goat, snake, crocodile, horse and more) However, cowhide is one of the most widely used leather types all around the world.

Different types of leather are made out of different layers of the skin. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of leather:

Full Grain Leather:

Full-Grain leather is the uppermost part of the hide and is considered as the strongest leather type. The strength of this material also makes it the most durable leather type. Moreover, full-grain leather is believed to become even more impressive with age and is used to make the best leather chappals for men alongside many other products ranging from leather bags to leather belts. Full-grain is the most natural form of leather used and is also the most expensive leather type. Full-grain leather exhibits all the imperfections of the hide and is the rarest form of leather used.

Top Grain Leather:

Top grain is very close to the full-grain type and is yet very far from it. Once the full-grain is sanded and buffed to remove the natural grain, thereby, removing all the imperfections of the hide, top grain leather is obtained. Top grain is considered as the second-best quality leather used for leather slippers and other leather products.

Nubuck Leather & Suede Leather:

Nubuck Leather is more durable and stronger than the suede leather and is made by sanding the outer layer of the top grain leather.
Suede Leather is made out of the inner layer of the hide which is nearer to the flesh of the skin and is comparatively softer and less durable than the Nubuck Leather.
Both these leather types are used widely in making shoes, jackets, handbags and other products.

Faux or Synthetic or Artificial Leather:
Faux or Artificial Leather is another famous leather type which is a substitute for genuine leather and is therefore, cheaper and animal-friendly too. Two main products used to make synthetic leathers are Polyurethane and PVC. Faux leather has become one of the most preferred leather choices out there because of its low-cost.


Being a leather slipper fan it is very essential that you know your leather(deeply) before you go shopping. Invest in the leather type and you’ll be flaunting your leather slippers for a long time to come.

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Neha Mehrotra is a known fashion blogger and adviser. She has a keen interest for craftsmanship and has a special love towards for handcrafted leather shoes. She also reviews the same and offers valuable hacks and tips for maintaining your leather shoes the right way.