Makeup is an art. It is best done by professionals and housewives who have spent some time studying this. One can study this makeup course at most beauty salons in the metros. If you live in a metro it should be easy to get to know how to apply makeup to your face to improve its appearance.

If one does not have the skill and needs to look good for an event, one must make use of makeup artists in their locality. If one lives in Delhi, one must use the Best Makeup Artist in Delhi to get the best makeup. On the occasion of their wedding anniversary or birthday celebration, they will need to look good. They use the services of the most experienced makeup artist so they get the best makeup.

Need for makeup

People who come on television such as government spokesmen and television anchors need to look attractive. Millions of people watch their face on the media and if they do not look at their best, it will not project a positive image.

The speed of putting on makeup

When we put on makeup by ourselves, it takes time. Also, it may not always come out right. Leave it to professional makeup artists to do your face in the way it must be and they will handle it. This is due to their years of experience in creating attractive faces by choosing the right makeup bases and foundations. They can do the work in ten minutes what will take a layperson half an hour to one hour.

Create effects

Doing one’s own makeup is a challenge that most women take up. The most important thing they learn is to be sure that their makeup matches their complexion. If they have wheat color skin, they must use light color makeup. If on the other hand, they have a darker complexion, then they must avoid using dark colors for their lips and highlights. This will create an unattractive appearance that will destroy the natural beauty of the face. On the big day, use a Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi if you are from Delhi to give the bride a makeover. Here is a look at some of the effects one must use.

Angular effect

We do this by accenting the high points of the face and facial bone structure by the use of glow and highlighters. This makes the features stand out clearly. If you are doing a photoshoot in dim light, then this will help.

Layered effect

When has an unattractive face that does not have any attractive contours, we use layering to add more depth to the features. We do this by using colors and shades in different places on the face. This takes time and so if you want to do this for anyone, you must allocate enough time to do the makeup.

One can also use the highlight effect. This makes features of the face stand out. Such as if we need to highlight the eyes, we use light makeup around the eyes. Same goes for any part of the face. It helps make parts of the face attractive.

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The makeup studio is run by Ms.Pooja Goel, a famous makeup artist in Delhi. Our professional makeover will help in adding charisma to your personality so that you stand out from the crowd. We apply new texture, shade & style to your personality so that you get a wow look.