Talking about marijuana and its different types can be confusing. To begin with, Marijuana is a term that, according to what is said, comes from a word in Nahuatl and that comes to be a way of calling the cannabis plant and its three subspecies. The regular consumer generally has contact with the Cannabis Sativa variety, but this is not the only subspecies that exist.

In this article, we will talk about the different types of marijuana. And if you want to buy Weed, Marijuana for use get from any Online Weed Store or nearby store in your local area.

Cannabis sativa

It is a plant native to the Himalayas, in Asia, Cannabis Sativa is the one commonly consumed as a psychotropic since it is this variety of the plant that has a higher concentration of THC and, unlike the other varieties, has a very limited content of CBD, and in some cases, certain crops may even lack such content.

However, it also has verifiable medical effects, since it has been used successfully to treat depression and in a stimulant way, therefore it is recommended to consume it during the day.

Indica Cannabis

It is a plant native to Central Asia: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet; and unlike Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica has a smaller composition, it also contains higher concentrations of CBD, therefore, today it is used as a favourite for scientific research. CBD oil, generally extracted from this plant, has effects on certain diseases that are difficult to treat. And the plant itself has effects that can help anxiety and better sleep, therefore, it is recommended that its consumption be done at night.

This is also relaxing, so it is also the variety that is most consumed as a tea and that is most used in ointments or ointments for pain or for athletes who constantly demand a lot from their bodies.

Finally, it is known that it also stimulates the appetite and that its flavour, instead of having a certain earthy tone, is sweet.

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