Fastening is an integral part of the fabrication sector. Other than welding, the most common type of fasteners is nuts and bolts. The nut fastener secures the bolt through the threads it has on its inner surface. Usually, a washer also finds use to separate the nut from the bolt and help protect the joint from damage due to shocks and vibrations.

Varieties Of Nuts

You have many kinds of nut fasteners in use in the manufacturing and fabrication sector. You can find all about them from the Nut Fasteners Suppliers in Chennai and place your order. The various types of nuts are as given below.

Nylock Nut

This type of nut finds extensive use in anchoring and towing systems, vibration systems, and automobile and mechanical sector applications. The sizes used range from M3 to M48 in different grades and dimensions. The standards are IS 1364, DIN 982, and DIN 985. It has good rust resistance since they make it from superior materials.

Hexagonal Nut

This is the most common nut in use today. The advantages of this nut are that it offers better workability with standard tools. They make this nut in high tensile steel, stainless steel, brass, and mild steel. They make them to the IS 1364, ISO 4032, and DIN 934 standards. It finds use in the automobile, mechanical, and other industries. You can get it in standard and custom-made sizes.

Washers Uses and Types

The washer is a fastener used in various capacities usually along with a bolt and nut. It is a thin plate or disc with a hole through which the bolt passes. You can have washers according to the application. For instance, you have specialty washers made of rubber to absorb vibration. Where you need high strength, you use spring steel or carbon steel washers.

The other materials used in making the washers include metals such as aluminum, copper, bronze, iron, and zinc. You also have washers made of plastic such as polyethylene and Teflon and Nylons such as Tecamid MDS. If you want to get Washer Fasteners in India has many suppliers who give you high-quality ones. We classify washers according to their use, shape, and material.

Plain Washer

You get this type of washer in diameters ranging from 3mm to 64mm. They are disc-shaped and conform to IS 2016, ISO 7089, DIN 125, and DIN 9021 standards. Usually, we make them out of stainless steel, brass, or spring steel and have a natural or galvanized finish. They find extensive use in the petrochemical, marine, and chemical industry.

Square Taper Washer

One of the most used models in heavy engineering, automobiles, and construction industry is the square taper washer. They make these to IS 5372, IS 5374, and DIN 434 standards. They are square in shape with a smooth finish and have a taper to one side of the square. This sturdy unit helps reduce the friction and improve the functioning of the machine or assembly. You can order the washers in standard sizes or have them custom-made to suit your need.

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