When you are looking to buy office space in Kolkata, one of the first things that you need to decide on is what type of office space you need.  In general, office space is the space that is designed to provide an employee a place to work, make phone calls, see their clients, and more.  Below are the different types of office space in Kolkata you can purchase.

Although you want to buy office space, if you have not found that perfect office space and need office space immediately, then you might want to consider leased office space temporarily.  It will give you a place to work until you find something permanent.  You may be lucky to find a tenant that is moving out and needs to sublease it until his rental agreement runs out.  This can be ideal because you do not have to sign a long-term lease. 

Most want to buy office space in Kolkata that is considered traditional.  This type of office space will give you and your employees quiet, private areas to work in, and where you can meet with customers and handle their confidential information in private and safe.  Most of these traditional offices also have conference rooms, a reception area, and maybe a large area for cubicle offices.

Traditional office space can be in a small building or it can be in an office tower where your company might buy one or two floors.  It would depend on your company's needs.

Today, there is creative office space also known as open-plan office space.  Although they can vary in décor, style, and layout, most will offer high ceilings, wood floors, fewer walls and private offices, and large windows.  This type of office space in Kolkata has a layout that emphasizes collaboration on a functional level.  There are fewer walls between desks and departments so which urges more collaboration and communication between upper management and employees.

Depending on how it is laid out, it can be more space efficient.  Depending on how much square footage each employee is allotted, you may be able to get more employees o work in rows or at tables than if you used private offices or cubicles.

If you have a small company, you might consider looking for coworking office space, which also contains break rooms and meeting rooms.  This is the type of space that they might need for indefinite periods of time.  It would be a way to lease space until you find the office space you want to buy.  It is generally leased per desk for a set period of time.  Yes, you will share the space with other companies but it would be just a temporary solution.


When you want to buy office space, you need to decide what type you want along with how much space you need.  Sometimes, if your business is small and still growing, it might be better to lease so you can move to larger offices as your company gets bigger.

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