With businesses hopping on board the digital express at a whirlwind rate, online advertising is one of the most prevalent and effective ways to reach out to prospective customers and make your voice heard.
Online Advertising or Digital Marketing - What's the difference?

While often mistakenly used interchangeably, online advertising is in fact a subset of the broader umbrella term that is digital marketing, with its most defining characteristic being its dependence on a live internet connection to work.

Online advertising is present all around us as we navigate our way through numerous digital platforms, be it browsing social media, reading online articles or news or even streaming favorite TV shows. In fact Google and Facebook currently hold the largest share of the total digital ad spend in the US having 38.6% and 19.9% respectively. Many ad agencies in Pune make use of online advertising as a means to connect their clients with the exact sort of customer they are looking for.

Keeping in mind that online advertising is a part of digital marketing, it is to be expected that it will evolve at the same rapid rate we have come to expect from digital marketing. Online advertising at times, is so fast developing that it can be quite intimidating, especially to newcomers to the digital world.
In order to streamline the concept of online advertising and make it slightly simpler to comprehend, let us take a look at the 8 types of online advertising you can use in 2019 to your advantage.

1) SEO and SEM:
The best way for your brand to gain visibility is through optimum use of search engines. By implementing various search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics like linking, keyword targeting, meta descriptions and more, this method of online advertising is the most common and effective tool used by advertising agencies in Pune to get positive results from.

2) Pay per Click Campaigns:
Another regularly used tool in online advertising is the use of pay per click campaigns. As the name suggests, these campaigns charge the advertiser based on the number of clicks the ad receives. Pay per click campaigns can be personalized easily to mould with the requirements of the brand and the product.

3) Display ads:
Taking the aid of text and visuals, these ads can commonly be found on various blogs and websites to draw attention towards the brand and the products. Display ads generally present themselves in the form of banners, landing pages, pop up ads, etc.

4) Native Advertising:
Another lucrative trend for advertising agencies in Pune to keep in mind is native advertising. According to a report by Business Insider, native advertising is expected to drive 74% of all ad revenue by the year 2021. The unobtrusive nature of native advertising allows it to blend seamlessly into the platform it is on, thereby building trust and engagement with the consumers. Native advertisements tend to attract attention without obstructing the browsing experience and keep the viewer engaged and interested. Think sections like "recommended for you" or "other people liked" that you can find towards the end of blogs or social media posts.

5) Social Media:
Advertising on social media is one more lucrative method of online advertising. With the majority of population now glued to their smart phones, tabs, laptops et al, the best way to make yourself visible to them is to insert yourself into their various screens. There are two ways in which social media advertising can be used - through paid campaigns and through organic campaigns. While organic campaigns portray your content prowess and create an impact, paid posts or sponsored content is a good way to reach a wider demographic.

6) Affiliate Marketing:
Affiliate marketing is exactly what it says; using the strong digital foothold of affiliated social media personalities, bloggers, etc to give your business a boost. The way this type of online advertising works is when a popular social media figure or well renowned blogger mention and promote your business and products on their platforms, usually for a certain commission for each sale generated through the same. The trust that the affiliate has from the customers is thereby extended to the products or business they are representing.

7) Remarketing:
Using the data left behind by customers who visited the business page but did not convert, or cookies as they are known in digital lingo, remarketing targets these customers by showing them advertisements in the form of subtle hints in order to remind them of their previous interest in the products.

8) Video:
People tend to respond well to a visual representation. According to a study on WordStream, 64% of consumers say that watching a video on Facebook influenced them to make a purchase. By clubbing video advertising with an effective PPC campaign, on popular video platforms like YouTube, your business can get a considerable boost and become more visible to potential customers.

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