Oscilloscopes are equipments which are very useful and necessary in most labs, they play multiple roles and can be used in the absence of other electronic devices. An oscilloscope is used in so many places, it is used in hospitals, chemical laboratories, in the airport etc. There are differ types of oscilloscopes available for hobbyists.

Types of oscilloscopes

There are two types of oscilloscopes which are the analog oscilloscope and the digital oscilloscopes. These oscilloscopes can be used for different functions and by different individuals for their own preferences.

Analog oscilloscope

The analog oscilloscope is the first and original oscilloscope, this were the first oscilloscopes that were used by engineers. It is based around the cathode ray tube. The analog oscilloscope used the cathode ray tube to display images, this is also what was being used for televisions.
The cathode ray used in analog oscilloscopes employs electrostatic and not the magnetic deflection of an electron stream. This helps to provide faster control of the electron stream which then enables the analog oscilloscope to be able to achieve high frequency.
The cathode ray is used by the analog oscilloscope to display the signals in both the X and Y axes ( horizontal and vertical). The Y axes that is displayed in the analog oscilloscope is the value of the incoming voltage while the X is an increase in the waveform.
The waveform increases in voltage so the trace can move across the screen in the horizontal direction. When the trace gets to the end of the screen, the waveform goes back to zero and the trace goes back to the begging of the screen. By doing this, you get the, display of a graph on your analog oscilloscope.

Digital oscilloscopes

This is the most commonly used typed of oscilloscopes today, the digital oscilloscope is more up to date compared to the analog oscilloscope. They have a higher level of performance, higher accuracy and a clear display.
The digital oscilloscopes that are used today provide other features like storage, this is why it is also referred to as the digital storage oscilloscope. (DSO).
It uses digital processing techniques to process digital formats which incoming analog signals have been covered to.

Under the analog and digital oscilloscopes, you can also find a variety of them that are used today and manufactured by manufacturers.

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