You might already know that there are many different types of advertising that you need to know. These different types of advertisements include digital, newspaper, television, magazine, and the last one, outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is an effective way to market a brand because on an average people spend about 20 hours per week in a vehicle and travel more than 200 miles. Due to the number of people being exposed to the outdoors, marketing outside is the best way to get a message across.

That is the reason why outdoor advertising in Melbourne is a reliable method to reach your target audience and gain fast attention. In this world where the competition is high, you need to stand out with a good graphic design. A good graphic designs gain a lot of attention and good consumer responses as well.

So, it is best to invest in good graphic design work in order to stand out.

If you wish that the ad reaches your target audience then here are a few types of outdoor advertising that you need to know.

  • Billboard advertising

You must have seen billboards once in your life. They are basically huge posters that are displayed in popular locations. According to the reports, 71% of consumers have admitted to looking at the messages on roadside billboards. So, if you wish that your ad attracts your target audience then billboard advertising is the best option for you.

You can make your own billboard from STT Advertising. They will help you in creating your billboard advertising in Melbourne costing you much less than other agencies. There are many types of billboards that you can choose from.

  • Static billboard

Static billboards are the ones that you usually expect to see on the roadside. This form of outdoor advertising targets people that are in their vehicle. When you are waiting at a red light, you have exposed some type of outdoor advertising. About 68% of consumers make their shopping decisions while they are waiting at the signals.

While this form of marketing is not meant to be aggressive and directly in your face. It is more subtle and welcoming o consumers.

  • Mobile billboard

Billboards don’t have to be directly in the printed form. You can also see graphics and advertisement style on buses, trucks, and other mobile devices. Nowadays, mobile billboards are becoming a more popular option for outdoor advertising. It is playful, harmless, and cost-effective.

You can lose some attention to the road when you see an ad on another car while driving. The purpose of mobile billboards is to capture your attention when you least expect it. Mobile billboards can target many people as long as they drive around busy and popular streets.

  • Digital billboard

Digital billboards are the billboards for the 21st century. They are capable enough to display hundreds of different advertisements. However, they are very expensive to afford especially when you are on a budget.

  • Lamppost

As the name suggests, lamp post banners are quite noticeable by street lighting at night. This banner style forces people to pay attention to the sign during the night. Generally, such type of banners is placed on the street side or parking lots. Moreover, this type of outdoor advertising banner is hard to avoid.

  • Bridge

In order to target commuters, you can also create a bridge banner for rush hour times. These banners are on small bridges on busy highways. If you want to this marketing technique then you have to base it on your location and surrounding areas in order to fit this in.

Because not every highway or busy road has a bridge that is intersecting them. So, choose an outdoor advertising idea that can be used often.

  • Guerilla advertising

This type of advertising is the most unconventional way of marketing because it has a shock factor. To engage in this marketing technique, you simply take an existing item in public and then you add onto the environment. While doing so, be careful about how you go about the campaign because it can be viewed as vandalizing public property.

Although this form of outdoor advertising is cost-effective and emphasizes on a marketer’s creativity and drive for innovation. If you want to market on a budget then guerilla marketing is a fun way to create ads.

  • Transit Advertising

Commuters and tourists within cities frequently use public transportation. Within that period, every one of the bus or train is vulnerable to the content within the vehicle. This is a famous type of outdoor advertising which you usually see on trains.

According to reports, 24% of consumers said that they have visited a certain type of business after being exposed to an outdoor advertisement.

Wrapping Up

These are some types of outdoor advertising techniques that you can use to approach your target audiences. If you are looking for such an agency to advertise your brand then contact STT Advertising which is one of the best advertising agency in Australia.

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Daniel Clark is an entrepreneur working as a freelance writer for business, technology, lifestyle.