Choosing the right kind of paint based on factors like the location, the type of use, or even the traffic flow is essential. There are two main types of painting, and they are interior and exterior paints. Through this article, we will look at the different types of paints you can opt for while painting your home.  

Ten paint options for different Types of Painting

Oil-based painting

Also known as solvent-based paints, Oil-based paints are water-resistant, reliable, durable, and provide better adhesion and surface penetration. You can use these paints on metals, bleeding woods, and stained surfaces. These are long-lasting paints whose beauty will not go down in time. The only one problem with such colors is that it takes a long time to dry. 

Water-based painting for interiors

Water-based paints are known to dry quickly and have low VOC’s. In comparison to oil-based paints, they are not long-lasting or resilient but are economically priced. Since they are quick-drying, you can easily paint multiple coats in the same day to get the desired result. In case it gets dirty, you can clean these paints using soap and water. 

Latex Based Paints

Latex paints are mostly used for the exterior of the house and are different from water-based paint. It not only has sunlight resistant properties but dries quickly. It is a useful paint and alternative to oil-based paints. While purchasing such paints, you should read the label properly to understand that you are getting the right stuff. 

Primer to add extra protection

Primers can be either water-based or oil-based, and the choice of a primer depends on the type of paint you choose. The primer is often used before the actual paint job as it also acts like a sealant. It also ensures that the paint is not discolored and adds a protective layer to the wall. Primers also come in various options, and you can choose according to the darkness or lightness of the color. 

Flat paint for luxurious painting finish

Flat paints are known for their luxurious and sophisticated finish. They are mostly used on ceilings and interiors and are known to diminish imperfections. You should use this type of paint in places where no one will touch it. This is because these paints are not as durable as other paints and can get damaged easily. Just like water-based paints, even these paints are economical. 

Matte Paint for durability

Matte Paints are a lot more durable in comparison to flat paints and give a glossy finish. It is another preferred and reasonable choice to paint the ceilings. These sorts of help to hide small flaws or damages on the ceiling. You can also consider this sort of paint if you are on a budget. 

Eggshell Paint for decorative enhancement

If you are looking for a low lustrous or sheen paint then Eggshell paints are the right choice. These sorts of paint look suitable for decorative purposes and are easier to clean. You can even wash these paints in case of any dirt or stain. Instead of settling for a matt finish, you can opt for eggshell paints. 

Satin Paint for the sheen look

For those looking for a velvety, smooth, and sheen look, then satin paints are the right choice for you. These sorts of paints are perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms, woodworks, doors, and hallways. If you are looking for an alternative to eggshell paint, then satin paint is similar to it. 

Semi-Gloss Paint for washable areas

Semi-Gloss is a perfect choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and other such areas that are high in moisture. You can easily scrub the paint without worrying about damages. Moreover, this kind of paint also adds shine to space. However, it is not advisable to use this kind of paint to hide imperfections and other such problems. 

Gloss Paint for the perfect finish

Gloss paint is scribbler-proof, stain-resistant, and shiny. It is the right choice for cabinets, doors, trims, and other wooden surfaces and a backsplash option. You can easily clean fingerprints, stains and food spatter. 

A final note on the different Types of Painting

The painting type always differs based on the kind of paint you choose. The paints mentioned above help enhance the painting technique's overall look when they are combined in the right way.

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