Pens are the writing instruments that come in different sizes, shapes, and types. There are a number of companies that manufacture pens of all categories. Going from a led pencil to a fountain pen or a rollerball pen is something that we all have been through. Although technology has surpassed many of our beautiful traditions, still the art of writing with a pen hasn’t reduced. Let’s talk about the kinds of pens and their uses in different fields:

• Fountain Pen
A fountain pen is the most widely used pen all around the globe. Basically, it has two major parts i.e. ink cartridge and nib. Ink cartridge is used to fill ink and the purpose of the nib is to write with it on a pen. These pens are very popular among students as different colors of writing can be achieved by filling in various ink colors. AC Sport Champagne Fountain Pen is an immensely delicate pen that allows you to have a beautiful handwriting.
• Ballpoint Pen
These are the well-known type of pens used in offices, home, banks and almost in every field of life. The ink used in ballpoint pens are oil based which dries faster as compared to other inks. You don’t have to refill ink and you don’t have to face the problem of smudging. Once your pen dries out, you can dispose of it easily. These handy pens are easier to handle and costs zero maintenance.
• Rollerball Pen
Rollerball pens are similar in structure with ballpoint pens but the ink used in these pens is water based. The flow of water-based ink is faster than the ink used in ballpoint pens. The faster flow of ink let you achieve a smooth handwriting with dark ink line. If you want to write for a long time, you do need an Ambition Pearwood Rollerball Pen.
• Gel Pen
Gel pens are the finest pens as the ink used in these pens is a mixture of oil-based and water-based ink. There is no chance of smudges and leakage in these pens. These pens have the combined features of a ballpoint pen and rollerball pen. Above all, gel pens are available in a variety of colors which is very beneficial in making classroom notes.

• Marker Pen
Markers are used to highlight an information like headings and subheadings. These pens are available in multiple ink colors like blue, black, and green. The ink used in these pens is water and alcohol based. Highlighters, permanent markers are a few examples of marker pens. You can use any of the marker pens in making important notes and projects.
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