There are two types of sports physicians, namely orthopedic surgeons and primary medicine doctors. Depending on the nature of the injury, either may be called or may consult each other to treat an athlete’s injury. They may also concern themselves with other ailments like skin conditions, asthma and heart disease.

Part of family practice jobs, sports physicians can also cater to families and don’t need to relegate all their time to athletes. In fact, since sports medicine isn’t a recognized residence specialty, all physicians need to undergo the same level of training a regular doctor does. Once they’re licensed doctors, they need to complete a sports medicine fellowship program. Then, they must pass an exam to receive a certificate.

Sports medicine can offer a higher salary than family practice jobs. Owing to the nature of catering to high profile clients, the median salary is about $250,000 a year. Lower level doctors rake in about $180,000 per annum. According to statistics, sports physicians draw higher wages than primary care physicians.

If you’re interested in becoming a sports physician, then be prepared to train and study hard. There are no shortcuts. Despite the long years, the rewards are high and you can soon become a private practitioner and set your own fees.

The role of a doctor is extensive. Not only do they need to cater to the sick, but they need to help heal other conditions as well which could range from joint problems to muscle aches. Considering the various roles doctors need to play, the range of specialists in the field is very vast. Among the most sought after doctors in today’s world are sports physicians. They cater to the injuries sustained by sports persons who are worth millions of dollars. Without these helpful workers, many athletes could have seen their career come to an end.

Physician jobs, including those of sports physicians, can be very demanding. They need to be on call at every hour of the day and may also have to accompany sports people on their tournaments. This can be pretty taxing especially if you have a home and children to look after. But the rewards are high in terms of money and job satisfaction.

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