Pilates is not just one shape or type everywhere you go. There are different options of pilates Herne Hill and at other locations. Depending on your situation, age and needs depend on which styles you might suit better and which you could look at another time. We do not cover all the types here but here are a few examples of them.

Power pilates

Power Pilates is the same as regular pilates Brixton but it has more movements and the series of exercises are kept at a faster pace. It focuses on overall fitness, and strength physically and mentally. It is suitable for anyone, exercises can be adjusted depending on your level of fitness and ability. It emphasizes a workout that will tone muscles and burn fat as well as work on the typical things that pilates does like core strength, balance and control. You can get a lot of benefits from power pilates, weight loss, strength, coordination, and mental wellbeing. You will work up a sweat and have fun doing it!

Stott pilates

Stott pilates came about when a dancer found that the original pilates while great for a lot of reasons, did not have a focus on a neutral spine posture or follow exercises that were are a part of dance. So they developed their own version of Pilates with its own sequence of exercise and focus. It is safe and effective at strengthening and streamlining without causing pressure on joints and uses a combination of specialized equipment and the mat. When considering pilates Herne Hill as an option for fitness and exercise, Stott may be one you see being taught.

Pregnancy pilates

For pregnant women looking for a safe exercise for their baby to stay fit and healthy through the three terms, pilates could be the answer. The core work helps a pregnant woman become stronger in all the places she needs to be to deliver a baby easier and faster. As well as helping you find your new center and improve coordination it also makes you feel better about your changing body, and more in control of it. Pilates Brixton is one of the best ways to prepare for birth and to have less of a mountain to climb after birth when you are ready to try to return to better shape. Always talk to your doctor before you start any form of activity to make sure it is safe to do so.


Yoga pilates

Pilates is about a series of exercises that were actually inspired by yoga in part as well as callisthenics and ballet. It is about stretching and lengthening the muscles in your body. Yoga is about bringing the mind and body together using three key elements, meditation, exercise and breathing. Yoga pilates combines the two things. It is more restful and focused on breathing than standard pilates but gives you more fitness opportunities than standard yoga might do. In general yoga pilates is something anyone can do with their doctor’s okay, as it can be adjusted to any level of fitness and flexibility.

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