Rehabilitation is a process which would help you lead a life of normalcy after undergoing surgery, serious health condition or work related stress. It is extremely essential for any drug or alcohol addict to go in for a rehabilitation therapy as it would be really impossible for the addict to overcome this problem by himself/herself.

The treatment and the rehabilitation process would be decided based on the requirement and the problem of the individual.

Rehabilitation therapies are classified into various types. They are listed below:
Physical therapy
Aquatic therapy
Cognitive therapy
Occupational therapy

Based on the requirements of the individual, the therapist would decide the rehabilitation therapy which has to be given to the patient. Here, we would be explaining the different types of rehabilitation therapies briefly.

Physical therapy: This therapy is very beneficial for the individuals who want to come out of the effects of a severe health problem and lead a normal life. It would help the patient overcome the pain and discomfort that he/she is experiencing after the surgery, accident or any other health problem. For instance: if you have recently undergone a surgery in the knee then this physical therapy would help you to overcome the muscle strength and the pain that would be caused after surgery. The patient who has to undergo this physical therapy can be taken to a medical center of your area. It is also helpful for the patients who have met with an accident.

Aquatic therapy: This therapy is very helpful for individuals who have problems associated with joints. It is the best treatment for the individuals who have got injured while performing some aerobic activity or while swimming. This rehabilitation program mainly focuses on strengthening your muscles and mobility of the patient. This therapy involves some water exercises. It should be done under the supervision of a trained therapist. The intensity and the schedule of these exercises totally depend upon the health condition of the patient and their individual requirement which is finalized by the doctor.

Cognitive therapy: This therapy is basically used for the patients who have undergone a brain surgery or stroke. It will help them overcome the problems faced by the patient because of this surgery or particular health condition. It facilitates the recovery process and assists them to return to the normal life. The therapist decides the schedule and type of therapy which has to be used for the purpose.

Occupational therapy: This therapy is very useful for the individual who are unable to undertake some routine works due to accident or suffering from a particular health condition. It will help you acquire all these skills again and lead a normal life as they have done earlier.

A brief outline about the different types of rehabilitation therapies have been provided above. These rehabilitation therapies are given to help the patient recover quickly.

Author's Bio: 

Alaya Lewis is a therapist with a rehabilitation center. She has a lot of experience in suggesting and implementing a suitable rehabilitation therapy to a patient. She is an author and speaker for rehab therapies.