Academic and scientific journals print many different kinds of publications, and the titles and categories they use to mark and classify such papers are still more numerous. Scientific journals prefer to concentrate on different kinds of articles than humanities journals do, and even though they write identical kinds of articles, they also respond to them differently. So any simple form of the article appears to have more than one word. An empiric essay, an original article, a complete article or merely an article may be considered a research article in a newspaper, for example. In one book, a research paper may be considered the next, and in one journal, the Short Correspondence section may be referred to as Micro-Articles.

Here is a list of different types of scholarly articles.
Original Research Article
Based on a thesis or experiment. This form of paper includes a section on methods to show how the experiment was developed and performed, a section on findings or discussions, and generally a final section. You are also asked to locate empirical papers in psychology classes. Initial research papers are scientific documents.

Review Article

The results/conclusions of many initial research papers/studies are to be gathered and summarised. This form of paper typically does not have a section on methods and normally has very detailed bibliographies.

Theoretical Article

The theoretical foundations of an area of research were published to contribute. The author uses the current analysis in this form of paper to establish a new hypothesis or explore new theories.

Types of Scholarly Articles


Notes of findings by the person(s) doing the study, of one or more studies or experiments. One type of primary source is considered. Check for words in the heading or abstract

Case Study

A detailed account of cases of common and unusual disorders of therapeutic significance.


Summarizes the outcomes of other study or experiments; tries to define trends; Expert in nature, however, its references to other papers shall include main sources or research articles, not primary sources or articles


A meta-analysis is a mathematical synthesis of the conclusion from the same hypothesis in two or more primary experiments.

Letters of Communication

Short descriptions of significant recent experiments or scientific results are typically deemed vital to be reported promptly. Examples: cure breakthroughs or cures for previously incurable illnesses or a cure for a specific disease outbreak.

Types of journal articles

The various kinds of papers written by journals are helpful for you. Though a vast number of publications can be written due to the diversity of titles, most published articles are of the following: original analysis, summary articles, brief or letter reports, case studies, methodologies.

Initial Reporting

This is the most common form of journal manuscript for publishing complete analysis data papers. It may be called an original article, a thesis article, research, or merely a newspaper article. The initial format of analysis is ideal for many various fields and studies. It contains all presentation pieces, processes, results, and discussions.

Case Studies

These papers provide particular examples of interesting phenomena. One purpose of case studies is to warn other researchers of the prospects for a specific phenomenon. The incidence of previously unknown or developing diseases is also recorded in this form of research of medicine.

Methodology or method

These papers describe a new method, examination, or technique for experimentation. The defined system is either entirely new or provides a better version of an existing process. The article should define a demonstrable improvement in the available information.

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