When you talk about construction, there are two types.  The first is commercial construction, which consists of constructing office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and more.  Residential construction in LBI consists of constructing homes or other places where people will live.

When constructing buildings for people to live in, the construction company will purchase land, have it cleared, and then graded.  Once this is done, then the drainage and other features will be added before the construction of the dwelling can begin.

The home builder in Long Beach Island will always be on the lookout for new properties they can purchase to build residential buildings.  At this time, this construction is quite lucrative.  There are some that prefer to work on one type of residential construction while overs will work on all types. 

The main type of residential construction in LBI include:

  • Condominiums: These are often found in cities but there are some smaller towns that have condos.  Many prefer this type of residence because they offer so many amenities, such as swimming pools, a gym, maintenance upkeep of the grounds, and more.  The downside of these amenities is that there is often HOA’s (Homeowner’s Association) fees that help take care of the amenities. 
  • Single-family homes: These are the homes that you find in neighborhoods in the city and country.  They have a yard, sometimes enough room for animals like horses, and more.  With a single-family home, the homeowner is responsible for any repairs and upkeep of the property.  When selling them, they sell for more than a townhome or condo.  The downside is that there can be a lot to maintain.
  • Townhomes: This type of residential property is a combination of a condo and a single-family home.  They offer some privacy along with minimal maintenance.  Some of them have HOA’s but still are more affordable than a single-family home.  The big downside is that they do not offer all the amenities that a condo does.
  • Multi-family homes: There are not many of these constructed each year.  These types of residential properties are often used as an investment.  This is why some home builder in Long Beach Island will build them so they can earn a little extra money from the investments.  When they are rented out, the owner is the one that is responsible for the maintenance.  The big plus to these types of homes is that more than one generation can live in them with their own personal space.

Another part of residential construction is many outbuildings, including garages.  This is just another part of this type of construction.  Because any residential construction companies are busy building homes, they will subcontract out these outbuildings, so everything gets done in a timely fashion.


As you can see from this article, residential construction in LBI does not always mean single-family homes.  It can also include condos, townhouses, and multi-family homes.  When building these types of structures, you can specialize in one field or be skilled in all fields.

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This article penned by Lora Davis