Resume templates came into existence to ease the work of candidates for making a resume. Given the fact that the template is something which provides ready-made outline for a resume, one might think that the nature of it is not flexible, but that is not the case. Templates have different formats that suit different candidates’ qualification and credentials. Chronological and functional resume templates are the examples of it.

Chronological Resume Template

The chronological resume format is like the name says, every date related details about your qualification, be it educational or some certification related, should be placed in the reverse order, i.e. last in first go. The latest degree comes in first, this is because of the clarity it gives to the recruiter. Hence, it is the most popular and liked resume format of the recruiters.

Most of the candidates, the career oriented ones, will find this format the most appropriate to increase their employability and attract the desired attention from the employer. It is not only systematic and orderly, but also clearly shows your involvement and inclination towards your work. Hence, describing the responsibilities and the achievements well becomes necessary here.

Functional Resume Template

On the other hand, the functional resume template is more oriented towards the candidates than the recruiters. For the candidates who have experimented with their careers and jobs for different reasons and are bent towards finding an employment on the basis of their experience than their educational or professional qualification, the functional resume format is the way to go.

The template caters to such candidates under which even the freelancers come. This gives them a fair chance to sell their ultimate selling proposition and present themselves as they are, unconventional. The functional resume resume template serves the purpose of the candidate, by highlighting their strengths and placing that particular section above all the others.

The ready-made templates are designed to make the candidate's job easy as well as for assisting them and the recruiters into writing the resumes in an appropriate format. This makes the consideration of a job application easy, as the recruiter does not really have to read thoroughly at the first go, but just glance through instead. Thus, have a look at the resume templates well and then decide which one suits you the best. Research well and refer to a few examples as well before you start filling your resume.

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Ana Rose is a freelance writer who writes on wide range of subjects related to resume writing. Resumes are written in two formats functional and chronological which are described above, to know them in better way see the templates