Your responsibility as a homeowner is to maintain your property. Unfortunately, this can be a challenging task. When homeowners hire the right services, they can complete maintenance tasks quickly and easily. In this case, which types of roofing services may you require as a homeowner? Below are some roofing services you should be familiar with.

Building new homes and re-roofing

Having a well-designed and well-built roof gives you the best chance to protect your home and your family from the elements. Even though some roofing problems can be fixed quickly, sometimes it is necessary or even crucial to reroof.

A roof replacement or update involves replacing the current roof of a building.

Roof overlay and roof tear-off are the two main methods of reroofing.

During overlay roofing, your existing roof is kept and shingles are added on top.

Roofing companies use the tear-off method of roof replacement to remove your current roof and replace it with a completely new one. Contact roofing company near me to have the entire job done.

Consider letting professionals help you design the most visible and critical part of your home when building your dream home. Our gorgeous valley reveals our roof from every angle, and we employ a palette that melds your home seamlessly with the scenery.

Roof replacements and repairs are two of the most common roofing services.

Whether to fix the damage sustained in a storm or simply because the shingles are old and have begun to wear, it's inevitable that homeowners will have to replace or repair their shingles at some point. If not performed correctly, roof repairs or replacement can lead to serious problems, like leaks and moisture accumulation. Proper installation is essential to prevent premature deterioration and damage. In order to ensure your repairs are done correctly, it is best to call a professional.

Roof Snow Removal

There is a magical quality to life in the Gunnison Valley of Colorado due to the snow. It is beautiful to watch snow collect on your home, but for the health of your home and roof, snow removal is essential.

Snow removal is highly recommended if you want to avoid dealing with ice dams. Besides reducing the likelihood of a dam forming from frozen snow, removing snow reduces the stress placed on your roof by heavy snow loads.

In order to prevent ice dams, we must remove snow as soon as it lands. Removing snow just once, however, may not be sufficient to prevent them. Taking care of snow on your roof can help slow the growth of ice dams, but may not prevent them entirely. Therefore, winter maintenance needs to be done as a preventative measure.


You should have your roof inspected professionally at least once or twice a year. Certain circumstances, however, may warrant additional inspections. In case you plan to remodel or add an addition such as a sunroom, you may want to schedule a roof inspection beforehand. For example, if your roof is damaged by a storm, you may need to arrange an inspection through your insurance company. Overall, getting a professional to check your roof on a regular basis is a good idea.

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