Taking care of both mental and physical health is imperative during times of stress. Spa treatments can help aid in the relaxation process. This can benefit concentration, focus, heart rate and skin. While massages and facials tend to be staples at many spa facilities, hair removal and even medical treatment can be offered.

In this post, we will uncover the different types of spa treatments that can benefit you!

What Is A Spa?

Firstly, let's start with defining what a “spa” really is. There are many types of spas available for clients to choose from and spa trends are always evolving. To check out the top spa trends, click here. Knowing which one is right for you can help you pick the best experience.

A spa typically provides health treatment such as massages and facials, but they can do much more. By taking care of physical and emotional health, some spas combine meditation with massages or facials. Depending on the type of spa, some businesses also offer anti-aging treatment as well as nail services and microdermabrasion.

Both men and women enjoy using spa services at different times of the year. Whether you are experiencing a stressful time or want to get ready for summer, many types of spa treatments are offered.

Popular Spa Treatments

The types of spa treatments that are most popular include a mixture for both the mind and body. Spa treatment types include exercise, skin treatment, massage and more. These following spa treatments are even offered at spa resorts and destinations; learn more about the most relaxing spa resorts here.

 Medical Treatments

Some spas offer medical treatments to their members. These medical treatments are usually for the skin and are performed by trained, medical professionals for safety and accuracy. Medical treatments that are offered at a spa still require their employers to have all the experience and necessary licensure that a hospital or private practice would mandate.

Popular spa treatments can include Botox injections, Juvederm, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion. Through an initial consultation, a professional can help you decide what type of treatment is right for you.


1) Microdermabrasion: Many people enjoy microdermabrasion because it is a noninvasive treatment that uses a spray to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells. By using the microdermabrasion applicator, the surface of skin can be revitalized to improve sun damage, fine lines and even acne scarring. Microdermabrasion thickens collagen which can reduce the appearance of aging.

2) Botox Injections: In a spa setting, Botox injections are generally used to reduce the appearance of aging facial skin. Botox can effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. Botox is usually used on the forehead, around the eyes and for frown lines. Botox treatment does not take a considerable amount of time to be completed and takes approximately one to two weeks to see the full effect.

3) Juvederm: Juvederm is known as a dermal filler treatment. Juvederm is used to reduce noticeable signs of aging by using an injection of hyaluronic acid. This type of treatment is best when used around the lips or mouth and the cheeks. Injections can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. This is a nonsurgical treatment and is commonly performed on an outpatient basis.

4) Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal allows unwanted body hair to be removed without waxing, shaving or tweezing. Many people use this type of hair removal treatment for facial hair, leg hair, chin, back and underarm hair. One of the benefits of trying laser hair removal is its ability to be used on sensitive skin. Unlike shaving or waxing, the skin surrounding coarse hair does not become irritated.

5) Non-surgical Face Lifts: CACI facials are considered a form of non-surgical face lifts. To create a more youthful appearance, many people use these facials to revive the skin. A CACI professional therapist uses a hand held device to transmit microcurrents through the skin. The microcurrent cannot be felt, but some clients do notice facial twitching during their treatment. By using CACI, collagen and elastin can be effectively increased along with blood flow.

 Soothing Treatments

In addition to medical treatments, many spas offer treatment that helps relax and soothe. One of these treatments also improves appearance, but in a different form.

1) Manicures: Manicures are a popular summer spa treatment. They involve more than just having someone paint your nails. During a typical manicure or pedicure, a technician will massage both the hands or feet prior to adding nail color. Nails are trimmed and shaped after skin softener and essential oils are used beforehand. Manicurists and pedicurists will care for the skin, cuticles and nail. For summer days when wearing sandals or sitting by the water is common, newly treated nails can be an extra treat.

2) Foot Detox: By using a foot detox, toxins from the body can be naturally released during treatment. Foot baths increase blood circulation and release toxins over a time period stemming from 10 to 30 minutes. Before using a foot bath for detoxification purposes, a professional may ask you a few health questions. Those with diabetes should not participate in foot detoxification.

3) Massage: A wide variety of massages are usually offered at any spa. Since not all bodies are the same, massages can vary in technique to best suit the individual. A Shiatsu massage incorporates heavy thumb use when tending to the skin. Many Japanese massages will use energy work to balance the mind and body.

4) Facials: Facials are another common treatment used in spas today. Facial massages increase circulation and skin elasticity. By massaging the face with specific lotions or oils, the underlying muscles can be activated. This can be done with or without an accompanying massage.

5) Paraffin: Paraffin wax can help those with arthritis pain, but is also used as a beauty treatment. Paraffin is used on the skin to both soften and relieve pain. By trapping heat, this treatment can help certain types of pain felt by those who experience fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis and sore muscles.


There are a variety of spa treatment types available depending on the business. Whether you’re interested in a full-body massage or nails for the summer, there are plenty of non-invasive treatments. Anti-aging skin care is one of the most popular spa treatments and can be administered through multiple methods. By visiting a spa, trained professionals can help you feel and look your best.

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