Sufism is considered as the holiest and sacred form of love which a man can show towards his Lord. Sufism is the practical act of showing your love to Allah by actually following all the commands that he has given to human beings. We as Muslims, often claim by our speech how much we respect and admire our Creator, but often our speech shows a contradiction with our acts and that shows our hypocrisy. Unless we will not show through our acts and deeds how much we are loyal with our Lord, our love for our Creator will never be considered as true and pure.
If we study the life of a Sufi person, we would realize how much they had sacrificed their complete lives for Allah Almighty. Their lives were fully devoted for in following the commands of Allah. Whether it was body, soul, heart or spirit, it was fully utilized in worshipping Allah Almighty and following his commands. There are four different types of Sufism in Islam. The first type of Sufism is called Tariqat. Tariqat means to teach the lessons of Islam to other people. In Sufism, Tariqat is always done by a murshid or a holy preacher of Islam who himself is like a Sufi and plays the role of spreading the important teachings of Islam.
The second type of Sufism is called Marifat. Marifat is a high state of Sufism in which a person reaches the higher level of the love of their Lord by passing through the state of ecstasy. Then the third type is called Shariah. It is the legal path of following the actual traditions of Islam. The examples of Shariah can be seen in our day to day lives. If we look at the example of holy pilgrims who travel from all around the world to perform the holy obligation of Hajj and Umrah by availing the amazing packages like Ramadan Umrah 2017 Low-Cost Deals and many other, we would notice that it is also a kind of Shariah that they have been following by showing the practical examples of Islam.
The fourth form of Sufism is called Haqiqat. It is a mystical and spiritual way of finding the ultimate truth of Allah Almighty. Often people use various means of finding the truth by reading the books and other sources. In some exceptional cases, the Sufi people try to find the ultimate truth of God by creating a spiritual bond between them and their Lord by passing through a higher rank of ecstasy.

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