The world is no modern to the administration of toll-free numbers. Businesses are as of now utilizing toll-free numbers to broaden their reach nationwide. But the factor which makes toll-free number well known among clients is that toll-free numbers are charged to the destination of the call instead of the beginning of the same, i.e., the cost of calls is paid by the owner of the number rather than the caller.
This makes toll-free numbers an irreplaceable portion of a company’s client administrations since customers prefer calling a number where they don’t got to bear the use of calling. Additionally, with an auto-receptionist include of toll-free number each caller is welcomed by an mechanized framework which strolls them through, quickly solving their straightforward questions, in this manner sparing time and exertion.
There are 3 types of toll-free number
1. Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)
Companies that have regional workplaces in different nations, which are keen on utilizing the same number at all of their areas are the ones likely to utilize UIFN. UIFN is ordinarily an eleven-digit number and needs enrollment in at least two nations to be classified as a UIFN.
For a company that's universally present and has considerable market capital, UIFN is very helpful. These companies lean toward having a single number for all their clients. In any case, it does require a company to pay a critical one time set up charge and cause the cost of each nation they are enrolling their worldwide number within. The cost is corresponding to the number of nations one selects for.
In any case, before picking for a UIFN number, a company ought to be aware of the underneath facts.
Firstly, the cost of service is higher when compared to Universal Toll-Free Number and Domestic Toll-free Number.
Secondly, not all nations are included within the UIFN program; it’s accessible in generally 50 nations; thus it covers a part less market.
Large ventures are the ones that usually incline toward UIFN; commonly they are computer program giants, high-end resorts, e-commerce monsters .

2. International Toll-Free Number
International Toll-Free Numbers are country-specific toll-free numbers; this infers that dialing such numbers from anyplace inside the nation is cost-free to the caller and charges will be brought about to the called company.
In case a multinational enterprise isn't willing to decide on UIFN (either due to country-specific confinement or due to charging approach), it is regarded best that they utilize diverse international toll-free numbers for distinctive countries.
Using international toll-free numbers, a company picks up constancy within the eyes of its clients. It makes a difference a company to accomplish national presence and permits them to migrate without changing their numbers.
International toll-free may bring about add-on charges for calls made to mobile phones and pay phones. Moreover, one must note that there's a few degree of limitation when compared to domestic toll-free numbers.
3. Domestic Toll-Free Number
These are the list-toppers when it comes to the inclination of toll-free numbers. Any domestic company, having workplaces across the country, tends to continuously elect domestic toll-free numbers. These work much within the same way as the Worldwide Toll-Free Numbers but comes with way less confinements and are more often than not void of any add-on charges for calls made to mobile phones or pay phones.
So according to the company location a business can choose toll free number as per the requirement. Now it’s time to connect with the world beyond your physical location.
Advantages of a toll-free number
1. Brand Building — Toll-free number boosts your organization’s brand identity. An organization or business having a toll-free number instantly puts the organization’s in the image of a serious business.
2. Business Connectivity — Toll-free numbers help your business to stay always connected with your customers. An 1800 number is always easy to remember for a customer of a business organization. Your customer will be able to connect with your organization, no matter where your business is located.
3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction — Toll-free number is loaded with features like IVR solution, Call Tracking, Call Transfer, On Hold Music, Call Conference, Call Forwarding, and many more. Average customer’s waiting time will be reduced with these automated features and customers will experience a more professional experience from your customer service.
4. Best Marketing tool — Toll-free technology has features like Live panel, Call report, Call Tracking, Time-Dependent routing, and many more. Those tools of toll-free numbers help a business organization to monitor its customer calls, generate insight reports of customer calls. That information helps the organization to understand customer needs.
5. Increase your customer calls — Your business toll-free number gains trust and credibility towards your company from your prospects. The free calling feature of the 1800 number increases the chances of prospects connecting with your business.

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Sayantan Das, Digital Marketing Executive, Microtalk Communications Pvt, Ltd. Microtalk is a tier 1 ISP and TRAI approved telecommunication service provider.