As you may already know, there is a large variety of wines and ways of classifying them. Clearly the most obvious way to classify them is by its color, red or white. However, there are many other ways to distinguish wine other than by its color.

The most familiar types of wines consumers recognize are: Table Wine, Champagne or Sparkling Wine, and Dessert Wine. Get to know each type here:

Table Wine

Table wines are not sparkling and have an alcohol level of 14 percent or less. However, wines are changing so now many table wines will actually have an alcohol level that is higher than 14 percent. In some European countries, it is required by law that table wines have an alcohol level between 8.5 and 14 percent. In grape producing regions with warmer climates, grapes will be cut when they have higher sugar content, which means some wines may have alcohol levels of 14.5 to 15.5 percent. Table wines are subdivided into white wines and red wines, particularly the Meritage wine and Beaujolais Nouveau red wines.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine

Champagne and or sparkling wine is probably one of the most easily distinguishable wines out of the bunch. Its most discernable feature is the fact that it contains carbon dioxide which is what produces the bubbles.

A lot of the times you’ll find that many people all over the world will refer to any type of sparkling wine as “champagne”. Carbon dioxide is a byproduct that is usually used during the second fermentation process which can take place in either the bottle or in a tank.

Dessert Wine

Typically dessert wines will have an alcohol content that is around 14 percent or higher. True dessert wines are typically fortified with the addition of alcohol to the wine. In addition, dessert wines have a tendency to be much more sweet than others, while a handful will be just slightly sweeter than most table or sparkling wines.

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