If you possess the capability and skills to improve the workforce and economy of Australia, you may be eligible for Australian visa migration through work visas. Such visas are especially designed to encourage applicants to gain sponsorship from an employer or by securing a nomination. Many professionals are attracted to working and migrating to Australia thanks to the superlative economic and quality of life in the country.

In case you are a worker seeking an Australian visa, Australia provides many visa types for professionals. Some of these visas can even lead to permanent residency for professionals and their eligible family members.

Australia provides employment-based visas and work permits for various kinds of expert workers moving to Australia for work-related objectives. Some of the work visas available in the country are as follows:

Visa for Temporary Skill Shortage

This visa type is also known as subclass 482. This is a temporary visa which enables skilled workers to work in Australia for a maximum of 4 years if they are sponsored by an approved Australian employer. It is mandatory that your work experience and professional skills should be directly aligned with open positions in an Australian company for application.

Visa for Employer Nomination Scheme

This visa type is also known as subclass 186. Skilled workers may be nominated by their Australian employer to live and work permanently in Australia under the Employer Nomination Scheme.An applicant should have the relevant work experience and qualifications in the occupation that she is nominated in. The occupation should also be on the relevant occupation list.

Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional (Provisional) Visa

This visa is the subclass 494 visa. After being granted this visa, an individual can reside in Australia for a maximum time period of 5 years. The applicant must have three years relevant work experience, have a relevant skills assessment and work in an occupation on the relevant occupation list. The position must also be located in regional Australia. This offers many benefits, such as a pathway to PR (Permanent Residency), which is part of subclass 191.

DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreement)

This visa is a part of subclass 482 and subclass 186. As per this scheme, employers can sponsor semi-skilled and skilled foreign workers for roles they are not able to fill with local workers. This is related to states with DAMA agreements with the Australian government. This visa type is tailor-made to deal with growing and current shortages in the labour market and local employment conditions and terms.

Working Holiday Visa

This is a part of Subclass 417. One can enjoy an exciting holiday in the country while also working. Fund your travel and stay expenses in the country through short-term work with Working Holiday and visa programs . This type of work visa is offered to individuals between 18 to 35 years from certain countries enabling them to live and work in Australia for a maximum of 3 years.

Training Visa
This visa type is a part of subclass 407. Do you need extra workplace training for an occupational license or registration or do you simply want to improve your skills for the right occupation? This visa is meant for people who wish to reside in Australia temporarily to take part in professional development or occupational training.

Global Talent Visa

Part of Subclass 858 visa , this is a permanent visa for those who have a globally recognized record of outstanding achievement in research, academia, arts, sports and key target areas.

In sum, these are some of the work visas meant for Australian visa migration.

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