There are many bad habits that will irritate your friends and individuals who surround you. These bad habits will get into people's nerves and some will want to call it a quit from your company.

Bad habits are of two types:

1.) Thoughtless behaviors.

2.) Nervous behaviors.

There are bad behaviors people have when it comes to shopping. If people stand in line for too long as a result of one customer engaging the cashier in a long conversation, then the other customers behind him will get mad at him. This will send a message that he doesn't care and he feels too important than other customers.

Some buyers might be having a bad behavior of selecting a wrong queue to make payments. They'll use an express queue meant for buyers who purchase few items while they want to purchase many items. Also the buyers who want to purchase few items might be using the queue that is meant for buyers who purchase many items. It is a bad habit of not following the payment order that has been put in place by the management. It irritates cashiers and some buyers.

There are nervous behaviors that will irritate people. Cracking knuckles is not good as the sound may irritate some people. The person listening will be in a nervous situation because he doesn't know at what minute the next one will happen.

Rhythmic movements and actions are bad habits especially if there is no music playing. This involves tapping the feet, drumming the fingers on the desk etc. This habit occurs when one is under stress. The sound made may irritate people.

Some of your friends have a bad behavior of popping the gum they're chewing. This may drive some people crazy including you.

Swearing when angry or to express your innocence is a bad habit. A lot of people do swear and if they do it more often, then it would be difficult to know when they actually mean it. Swearing is a bad habit that irritates people.

Chewing food while the mouth is open is a bad behavior that should be avoided while eating. This will cause irritation to people. However, the problem could be physical and it can be corrected by a dentist or a surgeon.

People who engage in whining or complaining most of the time and almost about everything should realize that it's a bad habit that they must stop. It is so annoying if an adult keeps on whining or complaining instead of taking charge to improve the situation. This should stop as it annoys people.

Gossiping is not good and it results one to feel guilty afterwards. I have never liked the habit of gossiping because it is futile and it wastes time that could have been used to do constructive things. Much of the gossip that happen on the media is due to the fact that most of us like to hear a little good gossip but it doesn't help us in any way.

As a matter of fact, people who gossip a lot usually have their own lives in shambles. So, they develop the bad habit of gossiping about others as a means of making themselves to feel better. One should find something better to do than gossiping.

If you have got some bad habits mentioned above, there are support groups, books or even counseling from professions that will be of great help in breaking these bad habits.

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