It is incredible how often narcissistic individuals play out the same behaviour, and how common it is for people to discover information about narcissists that relates directly to the narcissist in their life.

Within a narcissistic relationship the non-narcissistic partner will quickly discover that they have to explain basic human fundaments to an individual who refuses to conduct themselves with integrity, compassion for others, and who is hair-line triggered into demanding special treatment, approval and acknowledgement at the slightest criticism real or imagined.

Life with a narcissist is akin to living in a mine-field. The partner of the narcissist will discover that he or she is damned if she or he does or doesn’t do what the narcissist demands. Criticism and devaluing escalates as the narcissist projects his or her damaged self on to the partner and accuses of every flaw and narcissistic tendency that the narcissist is the one performing.

The narcissist will rage, and / or abandon and discard the partner. The narcissistic personality is adept at finding the blind spots in someone else’s makeup – and will play on the partner’s greatest fears, inciting them into confusion, pain, panic and the need to monitor the narcissist and cling to him or her in order to try to re-create the ‘wonderful’ partner the victim originally believed the narcissist was.

Such tactics provide the narcissist with copious amounts of narcissistic supply (attention),meaning the narcissist can constantly have mirrored back to him or her how ‘special’ he or she is by being able to affect another individual in such a way.

If suspecting that you may be in a narcissistic relationship it is highly suggested that you do the research, because you may discover very specific traits that all add up to the mind-bending experience which your rational human mind simply can’t fathom.

Typical narcissistic behaviours in relationships are eerily common, and all create the same devastation. This unfortunately is the by-product of the narcissist – a damaged ego-driven being who lacks empathy and conscience, believing he or she has to take, diminish and conquer others in order to win.

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