Waking up a few days ago, who would have guessed that it would be my last normal morning; that this could happen to my fit, athletic and what I considered to be a very co-ordinated body…but it was...and it did! I often get bursts of inspiration and creativity when I get home from my runs and this day was no exception. As I left my computer to go upstairs to greet my daughter, I was still in that great energized space.

Upon taking my first step towards the staircase, I suddenly noticed that my left leg was asleep…I had been sitting for over an hour in the same position. I shook it out…but clearly not enough! With my next step, my leg seemed to be coming along, at least my thigh was, but my lower leg was still trying to wake up.

It all happened so fast… my running shoe tread got caught on the Berber carpet and as I bore my full weight onto my left foot, I was unaware that my foot was kind of, well…twisted. The next thing I won’t soon forget, the successive cracking sounds coming from my foot!

I had never broken anything before and after the mental and physical shock wore off, I still could hardly believe it! All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind as I pondered, “Why did this happen?” Practicing what I preach, I felt and released the emotions that surfaced due to my accident so that I could get to the acceptance of the limitations that I knew I would be faced with over the next few months.

I believe that we create our life experiences and that everything happens for a reason. It was my understanding that the left side of our body was connected to our ability to receive, and issues with our feet can represent a fear of moving forward in life, so I contemplated the significance of both for me.

I did in fact have some projects on the go and as I looked at them from this perspective, there was certainly some procrastination on my part and some fear of moving forward. On the receiving end, I already knew I had work to do as I tend to give but find it harder to receive; I had created this opportunity for me to improve in both areas!

I am a little more house bound now and will have more time and less excuses not to follow through on my projects (I finally started tweeting! www.twitter.com/awarenconnected ) and I can practice being more comfortable with receiving the help that I can’t do without now!

I looked at all the things I took for granted that I could do without giving a second thought to; from being able to carry my morning coffee, watering and tending to my garden (which I love!) to going grocery shopping or having a shower!

I don’t know who wrote the instructions that came with my crutches, but something tells me they never stood atop a flight of stairs, weight forward trying to manoeuvre down each step, without the help of a walking cast no less!

Life is so much easier when we accept what is and notice the good in every situation. I get to have fun like a two year old again as I crawl my way up the stairs and slide back down on my bum! Come to think of it, I also have the privilege of preferred parking (at least I can still drive!), will have killer arms and glutes when this is all done and I get to work on (even as I write this) the tan that has evaded me this summer, not to mention how grateful I am to humbly accept the fact that my kids now have to wait on me hand and foot (no pun intended).

I have to be even more aware than ever of every move I make…one drop of water on the floor or a missed step and…well I’m not going there to create that!

So maybe there’s another gift in this experience… the fact that I have to be 100 percent awake (no sleeping legs!), conscious, present and aware of my body and my surroundings every second. I guess that makes me an Uberawareness coach now!

Make 2009 your year to become physically and emotionally fit!


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As a personal trainer for emotional fitness, author, speaker and awareness coach, Jo-Anne Cutler is passionately committed to inspiring and empowering others to find more peace and happiness in their lives by becoming emotionally fit and in her role as a child advocate, empowering others to be the conscious connected parents, teachers and role models our children need them to be. She has created an audio program called Breaking the Cycle, is in the process of writing her own book, is a certified coach using The Inner Workout™* and is also the agent/manager for Colleen Hoffman Smith who created this transformational emotional fitness program. Jo-Anne is the author of several published articles, co-author of 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 2. and 101 Top Child Development and Parenting Articles. She offers private/virtual/phone coaching and consultations as well as a free monthly e-newsletter. www.yourawarenesscoach.com
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