Before getting to know about the information, understand what commission fee cover is?

Uber declares that the fee is used for signing up new drivers, education, and insurance costs. Auster says: ‘Many don’t realize that much of the commission rate paid by restaurants, and is plummeted to cover the actual cost of food delivery’. This is due to delivery charges paid by users at the check-out that can be as little as $2.9 or charging $0 for promotions. They don’t always cover the restaurant’s cost of paying UberEats Clone delivery agencies for the work they do.

The food delivery giant, UberEats eased its rates from 35% to 30% in May to ease financial strains. But the Uber community operations director of Australia, New Zealand, North Asia Mark Capps stated, it was not prepared to go any lower despite the delivery business is booming. He also said, it was services like UberEats that allowed and helped restaurants to remain active, as in-house dining had been restricted severely for the past six months.

The reason why UberEats has defended its decision to hold on to the 30% commission it charges restaurants is because the director highlights the fact at a forum for the Australian Financial Review that they are always working with restaurants in partnership, ensuring money they take from them is used to invest in making that business successful. They said they use the money from the service fee to support delivery and assure safe, hygienic, and reliable UberEats Clone delivery available for all food varieties.

Current happenings in UberEats

  • UberEats is deducting its commission fee from 35% to 30%. The decision is made after restaurant owners raised their concerns over the high commission cost they have to pay while they are restricted to close their restaurants during the pandemic occurred by the infectious Coronavirus.
  • The recent update from the source states that the UberEats will also permit restaurant owners to use their own staff for deliveries from May 18, 2020.

What are the other new measures UberEats offer for restaurants?

  • The deducted commission fee is not the only change UberEats is rolling out. As mentioned earlier, it allows restaurant owners to use their workers or staff to deliver UberEats Clone orders from May 18. They are also entitled to choose the delivery charge and the areas they cover, allowing them to pay less than half the current commission to the food delivery app, UberEats. According to them, that fee rate is 8% until July 31, before it goes to the long duration rate of 16%.
  • The food delivery giant allowed owners not just to have the delivery option but also to have a pickup, thus reducing their workload.
  • The UberEats have taken the initiative to support businesses during this pandemic, such as $5 million funding to help hotels and restaurants attract more users by removing service charge on pickup orders and introducing a tipping feature where those tips go straight to those restaurants.

The recent statistics

  • The spokesperson explained the commission is used to cover the insurance costs for drivers, advertise on behalf of local businesses and to give ongoing user service to restaurants and users.
  • Not just the UberEats had thrived during the lockdown. The Uber ride-sharing business also suffered losing about 70% of its trade.
  • The research shows that before the pandemic, food delivery apps accounted for only 5% or 6% of a restaurant’s trade. Uber, a ride-sharing service, saw a drop of 50% on March 20.

Final Thoughts,

No matter what pitfall occurs in the UberEats app, the owners develop reliable ideas and best practices to uplift their business. Hence, create an app similar to UberEats that is an UberEats clone app helping startups and companies who lookout to build apps for food delivery services, which helps establish their business in the market.

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