The gorgeous city of Udaipur hosts an array of vibrant events which draw thousands of tourists. Udaipur World Music Festival that captivated the audience with a record attendance of 150 world-class artists from more than 16 countries.

Some of the well-known artists included Sudha Raghuraman, Kiya Tabassian & Charbel Rouhanna, Sara Correia, Ankur Tewari & The Ghalat Family and much more. These artists & other prominent ones have performed in iconic venues such as Manji ka Ghat (AmbraiGhat), Fateh Sagar Paal, Gandhi Ground, Udaipur Railway Station, MMPS School & Maharana Pratap Airport.

These wonderful artists are well versed in different genres such as Neo-Folk, Punjabi Folk, Rap, Hip-hop, Electro Jazz, Adi Shankaracharya, Sufi, Fado & many more. Read on to know about the highlights of the Udaipur World Music Festival 2020.

A Brief History of Udaipur World Music Festival Rajasthan:

· This music festival in Udaipur was initiated to give a platform to musicians to showcase their talent.

· Another significant motive was to showcase Udaipur as a rising destination for World Music in South Asia.

· The World Music Festival Udaipur was first celebrated in 2016 & it gradually grew in scale & size.

· The Vedanta Udaipur world music festival has notable sponsors like Hindustan Zinc, Incredible India, NDTV, Swiss arts council, The Oberoi & many more.

Highlights of Udaipur World Music Festival :

Here are some prominent highlights of Udaipur World Music Festival :

7th February:

· Noted artists who performed live at the Gandhi Ground were:

i. Ginni Mahi - Punjabi folk, rap and hip-hop

ii. When Chai Met Toast of India - Neo-Folk

· International artists who gave riveting performances at the Gandhi Ground:

i. Shnellertollermeier (Switzerland) – Rock

ii. NoJazz (France) - Electro Jazz

8th February:

· Famed artists from India who performed at Ambrai Ghat, Fateh Sagar Paal 0& Gandhi Ground venues were:

i. Sudha Raghuraman - Adi Shankaracharya

ii. AnkurTewari & the Ghalat Family - Folk rock/ Rock'n'roll

iii. Out of the Box Jail University Band - Sufi

iv. Mame Khan - Rajasthani Folk

v. Thaikkudam Bridge of India - Indian Pop and Rock

· Foreign artists who gave live performances at one of the best festivals of Rajasthan include

i. Kiya Tabassian & Charbel Rouhanna Duet (Iran & Lebanon) - Musical dialogue of Persian Dastg?h & Arabic maqam

ii. Sara Correia (Portugal) - Fado

iii. Habib Koite (Mali/France) – West African Folk Blues

9th February:

· Famous artists who gave lively performances at Udaipur festival comprise of:

i. Ravi Joshi – Morning Ragas

ii. Pakshee – Hindi Pop Fusion

iii. TabaChake – Mixed Pop

iv. Advaita – Indie Fusion

v. Nikhita Gandhi

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Udaipur World Music Festival – 2020 | The 5th edition of this iconic festival took place from 7th to 9th February. With 150 artists from 16 countries, this Music Festival enthralled the audience thoroughly.