There are a number of Political leaders in the country who have evolved in the country’s political arena by representing a specific community. These leaders are often been expected to work towards the interest of whole country while also taking into consideration the welfare of their respective community. BJP MP from Northwest Delhi constituency Udit raj is amongst those leaders and while he also holds designation of National Chairman of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations, he was expected to do more than what is required for the Dalit community in the wake of recent dilution of the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act by supreme court.

Udit Raj

The Verdict saw many dalits coming onto streets protesting for their rights which resulted in casualties across whole nation. They were tortured, beaten, dragged along the streets but their so called leaders didn’t even bother to come forward for their rescue. Udit raj claimed to met PM Narendra modi on the same and pushed the review petition in the court against the verdict but the end results certainly confirms his status and relevance in his own party. The plea didn’t bring any good to the community and they are still lying helpless under the fake assurances by their respective leaders including Udit Raj. These were the same leaders who went on to ask for their votes on elections time making big commitments about their welfare and well being, but often forgets everything once they get elected. Udit raj might have convinced his party to file a review plea, but the draft of the same looked like ill-constructed and that’s why SC didn’t gave it much relevance.

This could well be the result of Udit raj’s previous statement about “Beef ban” in UP where he went against his party’s agenda of enforcing the law against “Cow slaughtering” in the state by saying that “Everyone should have the right to eat whatever they like and even Usain Bolt won 9 Gold medals after following on the beef diet recommended by his coach”. He further went on saying that “I want to abolish the caste system but they (BJP party) do not. As far as ideological differences are concerned, let me tell you I do have ideological differences with my party. I had joined the BJP on the condition that Dalits would be given greater participation in media, education and in government job”. It looked like that the same didn’t go well with his party seniors and now his status in the party seems like just a “Cry Baby” which no one is going to listen to. Whatever may be the reason, he must be taught a lesson in the coming elections for his “Dual” approach towards the interests of the dalits.

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