Spectrophotometers are instruments that are commonly used for measuring the transmittance or reflectance of solutions, transparent, or opaque solids such as polished glasses or gases. This instrument is basically used in the fields of molecular biology, chemistry and biochemistry. These are even used to record how medicines absorb and emit light and this detects the quality of the product.

The basic part of spectrophotometer includes light source, a sample holder, diffraction grating or monochromator and a detector. These spectrophotometers are used in several fields such as physics, materials, chemistry, biochemistry and science. Areas of applications for spectrophotometers include semi conductors, printing, forensic examination, laser and optical manufacturing and also in the study of chemical substances.

Spectrophotometers are majorly divided into two classes: single beam and double beam. A double beam spectrophotometer compares the intensity of light between two light paths, in which one path contains a reference sample and other contains the test sample. A single beam spectrophotometer measures the relative of the beam, before and after a test sample is inserted.

A spectrophotometer can be of different types such as fluorescent spectrophotometer, optical emission spectrophotometer, UV visible range spectrophotometer and etc. UV visible spectrophotometers are used in the quantitative determination of solutions of transition metal ions and highly conjugated organic compounds. There are organic compounds that also absorb light in the UV and visible regions of electromagnetic spectrum. These are even used as a detector for high performance liquid chromatography.

Optical emission spectrophotometer are used to analyze various metal bases such as ferrous metals of Fe, Co, Ni and Ti base and Ti base and non ferrous metals of Cu, Al, Pb, Mg and Zn base. Another is near infrared spectroscopy, which is considered as the most efficient way of spectrometry. This is because, it is the most affordable type of spectrometry and these instruments allow scientists to perform experiments in bulk. This kind of spectrometry is being utilized by many agriculture and pharmaceutical organizations. Apart from being cost effective, these instruments are extremely reliable, durable and can accommodate several samples. Infrared spectrometry is just not about covering of chemical analysis. This even helps in the process of drying and coating pills. It also facilitates the chemists to achieve chemical blend easily and produces accurate results for active pharmaceutical ingredient studies.

Thus, spectrophotometer contributes an essential instrument in various research and development organizations and industrial or medical laboratories. This instrument are highly reliable, durable, and economical and includes analysis, kinetics, spectrum scanning and multiple components, protein testing can be performed proficiently.

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