The UK Self Storage Investment is The first tangible investment currently available in the UK allowing a very low cost entry into the high return self storage industry. It's a fact the UK's top self storage companies have seen the highest growth and the highest yielding returns within the commercial property sector over the last couple of decades.

As the UK self storage industry continues to post remarkably resilient turnover figures and high profits, Many top UK Investment companies are now offering small time investors a chance to get in on the act with the first fully SIPP and HMRC approved affordable self storage commercial property investment to be released into the UK Investment market to date.

For an nominal investment of just £3,750 ( Up to £30,000 can be invested with the larger storage companies who have larger units), you can buy a complete unit in a Uk based self storage facility ranging in size from 25 square feet up to 200 square feet. This is then fully managed on your behalf by a professional management company usually on a 5 or 6 year lease, although the investment can cash in and be sold on during this period. The idea is that you invest in the unit itself, and then the management company does all the business of on site management, maintenance, cleaning etc and also the letting out ofthe unit to storage clients and you just get your monthly income out of the profits.

The beauty of this short term investment is that Investors actually buy a real bricks and mortar unit and not a small proportion of the whole self storage facility. The agreement with the facility management operates rather like an apartment you rent or own placed in the hands of a letting agency or property management company who fully managed the unit on the investors behalf, full management fees are payable only when the unit is occupied and yielding a rental income, and not when it is empty earning nothing.

For investors who wish to sell up early and get hold of their funds quickly there is a 'defined exit strategy', offering a variety of opt out possibilities, including guaranteed buyback, and the marketing and selling on of the unit to other interested investors and because these storage units are classified as commercial assets, they fall under the investments that can be brought into a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension).

This is a win, win situation for investors of all levels as they can Invest using either existing savings an existing SIPP or even Frozen, Dormant or Existing Personal Pension Funds. Self Storage Investment is currently the highest yielding investment product in the commercial property market it is Fully HMRC and SIPP approved with a Guaranteed Return and a Low entry point so even people with minimal funds to invest can get in on the act so to speak

UK Self Storage Investment is a Tangible investment with full title deeds an excellent rate of return via rental income (exceeds most traditional pension products and investments) with appreciating asset in a high and growing demand market area. Modular investment that can be tailored to clients available budget

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