NHS said that they would give the booster jabs to over 40 people within three months. Earlier the deadline was six months to provide the booster shots to over-40 people in the UK. However, amid the Omicron chaos, UK health officials boost the booster programme and reduce the deadline to 3 months. Millions of people in the UK are booking their booster jab appointments before the new coronavirus variant takes hold in the country.

From today, i.e. Wednesday, people can book their Covid booster doses online, NHS says. The slots and availability will be updated in the morning and data will be available in real-time throughout the day. NHS added that adults aged 40 and more plus those are at higher risks will be able to book their appointments for the COVID-19 booster jabs from Wednesday. They are working hard to provide booster jabs for over 40 people in the next three months.
Data says that several million adults can book their booster appointment one month in advance. To deal with the new variant Omicron, the booster programme is the only available solution. Official figures confirmed that the total cases of Omicron variant are 437 in the UK.
The NHS chief said that if the vaccines are good to handle the Omicron variant, they would probably reduce the risk of severe cases of COVID-19 and deaths too. We do not have complete knowledge about the new strain – Omicron, right now, he added. The vaccines are the only protection measure we have; people who are eligible for the booster jabs should come forward and take their vaccines.
Sajid Javid, Health Secretary of the UK said that boosting the booster programme could help us deal with the new variant and buy us some time to put protective measures in place. We are having the time from six months to three months to vaccinate people over 40 with booster jabs for strengthening their immune systems.

Vaccines are the most reliable defence system currently we have to stop the spread of Omicron winter wave. The NHS staff will be working actively to provide jabs to arms in the next three months. The minister added that by the end of January, every adult over 40 would be jabbed with the booster shot.

In other news, the UK has been completed its one year since starting the first COVID-19 vaccine for the pandemic. A year ago today, the country rolled out the first approved coronavirus vaccine for the world. The vaccination programme administered more than 100 million doses in the UK, which saved countless lives and reduced the risk of a pandemic.

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