The UK, which is mostly the second choice for international students to study overseas, offers an education system with qualifications that are internationally valued and recognised.

It is home to some of the world’s esteemed universities, attracting thousands of students and researchers every year, including many from India. It is also the world leader in many areas of education which include engineering, science, art & design, business & management, law and finance.

Its reputation and legacy as an epicentre for scientific research make it a sought-after study destination, especially for some of the best thinkers in the world. In fact, with only 1% of the world’s population, the UK is responsible for 8% of global scientific publications.

Flexible Education System

• The UK education system is flexible, giving you the possibility to study in a way that suits your lifestyle and career aspirations. UK institutions offer the flexibility of choice and give you an option you to blend academic and vocational courses of your choice.
• UK degrees can be tailored as per your interests, and they often include specialised modules.
• When you study in UK, you get the opportunity to meet people from diverse nationalities and discover new perspectives. You learn to gel in a global culture.

Study Options

• With so many world-class universities in the UK and innovative courses to develop your knowledge and critical thinking, you will no doubt gain the skills, qualifications and confidence needed to choose your path.
• The teaching and study methodology used in the UK gives you the freedom to be creative and develop the essential professional skills sets.

Choosing a university or college

• The UK institutions consistently rank among the best in the world.
• With over 160 universities and colleges and umpteen courses and options to study in UK for international students, you can make your UK higher education experience as unique as you want to.
• There are specialist universities and colleges, world-renowned historic institutions, modern, innovative facilities and pioneering and progressive research centres all over the country, offering you the chance to tailor your learning to your aspirations and career goals.
• As a student you can avail the opportunity of studying under the able guidance of the world's leading academics and experts; you also benefit from their constant academic support.
• There are many factors worth considering, but with a vast range of choice available, you will always have something to match your interests for higher education abroad.

Research Opportunities

• The UK offers remarkable research opportunities as it undertakes 5 percent of the world’s scientific research and produces 14 percent of the world’s most frequently cited papers. Nearly three times the input.

Scholarships and Financial Support

There are hundreds of scholarships for International students in UK who need extra support to pay for their UK course. Depending on your nationality, you can check for your eligibility for a loan or financial support from the UK government.

You just have to do a thorough research and find out all the details about the eligibility criteria and the application process. If you are lucky enough you may get full funding or at least partial funding.

Speaking in a nut shell, the UK has all the features essential in a sought after study destination, as such it has always been the top choice of student community all over the world.

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Let’s learn about the essential features about study in UK. Also know why UK is the right choice for International Students.