As the arrival date of holiday guests quickly approaches, there are a number of little things that can be done to ensure a very warm welcome.

Surprising your guests with little goodie baskets and an inviting bedroom that makes them feel at home is key.

Some of these items might even be mandatory depending on how much assistance with last minute tasks and help with the kids you plan on requesting.

In a bedroom and bathroom that have been cleaned from top to bottom and adorned with a little bit of holiday decor, considering adding a few of these ideas...

Bathroom Counter:

◊ Fresh set of towels

◊ Goodie basket filled with trial-sized products:

- shampoo, conditioner, hairspray
- moisturizing soap and/or shower gel
- disposable razor
- disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
- moisturizing lotion, lip balm, soft cloth wipes
- Tums, Visine and Ibuprofen

Bathroom Cabinets & Drawers:

◊ Hair dryer

◊ Fresh towels, wash cloths, hand towels

◊ Toilet paper – 2 to 3 rolls

◊ Sanitary supplies

Inspired Note: The hand towel hanging by the sink should be for guest's use. However, put a big beautiful bow around any other decorator towels that you would prefer are not used.

Guest's Bed:

◊ Made with fresh linens

◊ One blanket that is soft and warm

◊ Second blanket that is folded in half and covers the bottom half of the bed

One Bedside Table:

◊ Lamp

◊ Bottle of aromatherapy lotion

◊ Candle, lightly scented

◊ TV remote control

◊ Interesting short read book

◊ Variety of magazines

◊ Box of Kleenex

◊ Coaster for drinking glass

◊ Alarm clock with correct time set

◊ Power strip on floor for chargers

Other Bedside Table:

◊ Lamp

◊ Homemade welcome card from the kids

◊ Small plate of sweet treats

◊ Couple of packages of light snacks

◊ Water bottles

◊ Coaster for drinking glass

◊ Instructions for Wi-Fi connection

◊ House key on a ring with a bow

◊ Power strip on floor for chargers

Bedroom Closet:

◊ Plenty of open hanging space and floor space available

◊ 10 or more unused hangers


◊ Folding luggage rack

◊ Drawer space for folded clothes

◊ Nightlight in the bathroom

◊ Nightlight in the hall to the bedroom

◊ Nightlight at top of stairs


◊ Cold bottles of water in the refrigerator

◊ Ingredients for making sandwiches

◊ Cookies, fudge and other sweet treats on counter

◊ Fresh fruit on counter

◊ Napkins in plain sight

◊ Sinus, cold and allergy medication in cabinet

Getting the Bedroom Ready Immediately Before Arrival:

◊ Turn bedside table lamps on

◊ Turn the bed down

◊ Put mints on the pillows

◊ Open or close blinds depending on the time of anticipated arrival

◊ Turn the ceiling fan on low (moving in the direction that pulls heat from the ceiling)

◊ Spray a light mist of a room deodorizer around the room

Ambiance throughout the House:

◊ Christmas music playing on the radio/stereo

◊ Holiday movies or sporting events on TV

◊ Christmas trees lit all day

◊ Fresh, lightly scented candles or brick warmers burning

◊ Christmas or winter décor in all main living areas

◊ Daily newspaper sitting on the kitchen table

◊ Fresh, warm breakfast ready when guests come down in the morning

Dogs & Guests:

◊ Take dogs out to go to the restroom before guests arrive

◊ Give them a treat and let them hang out in your bedroom, while guests greet the family and bring in luggage

◊ After everyone has had a few minutes to get settled, then let them out to say "hello," too

These are some ideas that I have come up with over the years to welcome our guests.

This is a comprehensive list and rarely do we do every suggestion listed at the same time.

A thoroughly thought through combination of ideas will make them feel very welcome!

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

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