Industrial Wastewater Treatment describes the processes that eliminate the pathogens from water produced by the industries.
Quite simply, industrial wastewater is water that has to be used in industrial manufacturing processes or commercial activities for making products. It is referred to as “wastewater,” industrial wastewater differs from municipal wastewater (also known as sewage) and domestic wastewater.

Let’s see how industrial wastewater is different from domestic wastewater and municipal wastewater.

Domestic Wastewater: This type of wastewater is generated from households that are been affected by human use. It is the wastewater produced from toilets, kitchen sink and bathtub drains.

Municipal Wastewater: Municipal wastewater or sewage is type wastewater that is released from the community of people such as mall and restaurants, and institutional and commercial facilities in the urban area. The wastewater usually travels from a building’s plumbing.

Industrial Wastewater:
Industrial wastewater treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used to treat water that removes dissolved toxic organic substances and hazardous chemicals and released to the environment. After water treatment process the treated water can be reused for a variety of purpose within the industry. Before
Most manufacturing industries release some wet waste to recycle and reuse it but recently the world has been minimizing such production or recycle such waste within the production process.

Types of Industrial Wastewater:
Based on different industry and the contaminants; Industry wastewater types are listed below:

Sectors Pollutant
Iron & Steel BOD, COD, acids, oil, phenols, cyanide, metals
Petrochemicals and refineries BOD, COD, acids, oil, phenols, cyanide, metals
Chemicals COD, heavy metals, SS, organic chemicals, and cyanide
Mining SS, metals, acids, and salts
Microelectronics COD and organic chemicals
Textiles and leather BOD, solids, sulfates, and chromium
Pulp and paper BOD, COD, SS, AOX, solids, chlorinated organic compound


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