Do you love to spend weekends by investing your time in sporting clays? If yes, then to become the hero of sporting clays, here are some amazing facts. Shooting has a long way of history. The javelin throw, boxing, wrestling, fencing, archery, running, many team sports, horseback riding and shooting are all sports that began as military or survival skills.
Prepare yourself to get amazed with the Guinness World Records galore, and some training stories. Let us get started with these cool facts.

#1 Facts

Shooting is a very old game even older than the invention of clay. If that is so then from what people used to play when there was no clay. Cricket balls, stones and even potatoes were used as targets before the invention of clay targets. However, the most direct ancestor of the modern-day clay is the glass ball target. Yes, you read right! The balls were brightly coloured so that it can be easily visible. They were filled with feathers and when hit they used to scatter in the air.

#2 Facts

18 century is known as the golden phase of sporting clays in Florida as the first clay was invented in that phase. They were shaped like saucers and vernacularly known as mud saucers. Despite the popularity of glass ball shooting, glass targets created too much debris and mud saucers were seen as the perfect replacement.

#3 Facts

Holland is the largest and prominent manufacturer of bespoke shotguns since 1850. They are known for their incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail the most sought shotguns in the world. It takes 800 hours to produce one of their iconic side-by-side shotguns.

#4 Facts

Olympic gold medalist Peter Wilson bagged the gold medal in the double trap at the London Olympics in 2012 but there is a bizarre technique behind his success story. When asked he revealed his coach Ahmad Al Maktoum used to whisper in his ear for better concentration.

#5 Facts

One of the reasons to go for the sporting clays in Florida is to see the colours busting when clays get exploded. But, have you ever thought what makes the clay explode with a brightly coloured cloud of smoke? Well, today you are going to know as we are going to unfurl how it happens. It’s as simple as packing coloured chalk dust under the clay before it’s launched.

#6 Facts

The first target shooting with shoulder arms was done with crossbows during the Middle Ages. You will be amazed to know that the world’s first club was started among the German in the 12th century. Crossbows were used in one-shot competitions using specially painted wooden targets.

#7 Facts

In America, the shooting was started as a sport when frontiersmen came together. In early times, Americans with their Pennsylvania and Kentucky flintlock rifles used to shoot at a mark that was usually crafted as X in a wood slab. These “rifle frolics” or “turkey shoots” often had prizes of beef, turkey or other food items.

Conclusion: We hope the above-given facts has made you fall in love with the shooting clays once again. Now, it is easy for you to rock the discussion when your all friends are bluffing about their hobbies.

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