Having your house broken into is a terrifying thought, but what if the culprit decided to stick around for a bit? Most of the time, robbers know what they're doing and vanish without a trace. However, that isn't the case with the examples below. These bumbling burglars obviously didn’t think things through beforehand.

So, just when you thought you heard everything, here’s a couple of stories from actual home security system owners that just might boggle your mind — or at least spark a laugh!

Burglar’s Best Friend
Every teen goes through a rebellious stage, but 19-year old Raymond Rhodes may have taken things a bit too far. What started out as a boy walking his pup ended as a daring teen going shopping in his neighbors' homes. Unfortunately for Raymond, a policeman who was patrolling the area noticed the same dog happened to be tied up outside three different houses. Sadly, the third time wasn't a charm for this young lad and he was apprehended when he returned for his pooch.

Real-Life Goldilocks
One way to make the elderly feel special is to treat them with kindness and do little things to help around the house. Lukasz Chojnowski decided to contribute to the cause by volunteering his services as a spontaneous house-sitter for an elderly couple who had gone on vacation. He did some laundry, took a bath, and even made dinner. When the couple came home, they found this would-be robber fast asleep in their bed. Fortunately, nothing was actually stolen — he just needed a place to spend the night.

A Complete 180
If you look up “nitwit” in the dictionary, don’t be surprised if you find Timothy Chapek’s name there. After illegally entering someone else's home in Portland, he had no idea what to do next. Instead of loading his car with the unsuspecting family's belongings, he ended up running into the bathroom and called 911. Whether or not he was scared or guilt-written, doesn’t make up for making the dumbest decisions. Surprisingly, this man didn’t call his mother for a ride home. Timothy was only charged with trespassing, but he should have been charged for potentially being the biggest fool on the face of the earth.

Whether or not these hooligans considered home invasion a real job, being even an amateur burglar takes at least a little planning. But take notes, kids — karma catches up with all of us eventually, and these stories show that crime never pays.

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