Everyone try to make unforgettable wedding welcome event but also we know for making extraordinary occasion we should have to endow much money because In wedding reception there are many guest invites, for making adornment, amusement facility and more thing in which we invest much currency. So if you want gather or save money then there are many vital tips through which you can save your money.

Plan the welcome menu by wedding planner according to the time of day. It will be good for you, in the morning serve breakfast and tea, afternoon provide simple lunch. This is the most excellent time where you can save your cash. Going for a banquet reception is also not a ghastly plan. Here, fruit, bread, muffins and other breakfast foods can give a well-finished look to the reception Menu Planning.

Twilight is the paramount part of every event, so this time we should have to pay more awareness to provide best menu for guest. So ask your family member, relatives and friends what will be contemptible and best menu for guest according your financial plan.

In the afternoon serve variety of cheese, biscuits, bread and tea to your guest. You can also add some extra menus like sandwiches and many more things. If you have a backyard lawn or garden, then no other place can be a just right for reception place.

Indian meals are not only yummy but lucrative as well. Talk with any restaurant manager who provides you nice Indian dishes. You can invite your guests for have lunch and serve them with two kinds of non-veg dishes, one vegetable dish, rice and nana bread. There is multiplicity of other Indian food which you can include in your reception Menu Planning.

If you want to reception planning wedding ideas in any hotel then also memorize some imperative tips through which you can save money. You can decide upon the kinds of meals to be catered to your guests. To start with, you can formulate your mind up on appetizers comprising asparagus, bean salad, fruit and cheese platters, stuffed mushrooms and sea food, and serve them on pretty trays. Now, the foremost course of the meal can include wild rice, chicken dish and steamed vegetables.
So if you are reception menu planning given above tips then we sure you can save your money, you can also pay concentration on making simple decoration.

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