There are a lot of different things that can block intuition. This article discusses two: early childhood experiences, and other peoples' opinions.

What do people need to know about their intuition, first and foremost? You are born with it, it is part of the original design. It is not acquired through practice, or some process, although practice and processes, especially visualization techniques, help to develop it.

Intuitive flashes, psychic dreams, and other consciousness phenomena like deja vu, happen automatically. The way us humans are designed, in the blink of an eye we can see farther than the present, and through appearances to a deeper truth.

What happens to a lot of people, judging from thirty plus years of clients, is that they are dissuaded early on from using their intuition. Early precognitive abilities blurted out into a fearful world of adults not set up to deal with, for instance, death, can cause people to turn off their extra sensory perception. Many times I've heard tales of what happens when little kids announce something like, "Grandma's going to go to heaven next week". People around generally have a bad reaction, and the kid can end up feeling they have somehow harmed Grandma and hastened her death.

The intuition can also get turned off because it caters and speaks for our uniqueness, and diverse creatures that we are, the intuition (speaking for the heart) can demand some pretty bold action on the way to making our unique dreams come true. We "don't listen to ourselves" and turn off the inner voice’s demands out of fear of change.

Distrust of the intuition will happens if we've absorbed society's distrust and disapproval of our unique needs and path. The intuition only speaks for what's right for its owner.

When it's turned on and we're listening, it has the ability to guide us to our uniquely fulfilling destination. That’s its primary function. It makes sense, us all being different, that we have a unique navigating system. It leads us to experiences that help us grow in consciousness, and navigates us, through communication in many different languages, to the richest experience of life we can come up with.

Cultures ancient and modern have wise sayings about "follow your heart". People everywhere recognize the inner guidance system is superior to any for making important life choices. Movies teach us this lesson plot after plot, as our stars make the heartfelt, tough choices.

Sometimes our own lives get just as dramatic around what the intuition has to say. Your family and friends are in horror that you're moving to Africa? But night after night you dream of the continent's invitation…that you'll grow there. It's twenty years later, and you're living your dream in Africa. This is why people are happy to follow their “irrational” intuition.

Uncover your own blocks to the intuition, one by one, and let it take you where you really want to go!

Author's Bio: 

Elissa Heyman has a psychic counseling and spiritual healing practice based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She works in person and by phone. Her services are used by people worldwide for the last 33 years. She writes as the Santa Fe and Albuquerque Spiritual Examiner, has professional training in traditional psychological therapies, shamanism, and spiritual healing and channeling. Her areas of expertise are divination, spiritual channeling, and hands-on healing work.