Online ETA games are getting better with each passing month, and Undead Slayer is a prime example of where they are headed. The free application is an action hack and slash game with roleplaying elements.

The premise of the game is dead simple: slay all undead that you come across in levels, progress to the next, and repeat. While that would certainly get boring after a while, the game manages to keep you entertained by providing you with lots of versatility that includes skills you can use, things you can upgrade, equipment, encounter boss undead and other characters that you can switch between in battle.

Controls are easy to learn but difficult to master. Tap anywhere on the screen to move to that direction, tap twice to make an evasive maneuver to that location. To attack, simply move the character into the direction of undead.

Attacks are carried out automatically but you do have some options to change how they are carried out. If you do not do anything, the character in charge will do auto-attacks. This works well against the mindless hordes but you will run into troubles when the first boss comes along. Plus, if there are too many enemies, especially those pesky spear-undead, then you are in trouble as well.

Enemies as well as your character can block, and if that happens, make the attacker vulnerable for a short moment.

You can perform special attacks by holding down the finger on the screen, and health-leeching attacks by swiping. Last but not least, you got your fair arsenal of skills that you can take with you to battle. Up to five of a selection of 20 skills are available.
In addition to that, you get to use two pets, a horse and a sparrow, in battle that assist you further.

If that would not be enough, you are also able to train your character

Take your time to get used to the controls. Especially the slide to regain some health is important as you will be using this a lot in the game. Note that you only get health if the zombie gets killed.
You can break combos that your character is performing by double-tapping elsewhere on the screen. This is sometimes important to evade enemy attacks that are incoming.
Sometimes, the generals or heroes that you find can prove more effective in combat. Pick them to find out what works best for you.
Use your special attacks in situations where you need them most. Don’t waste them on grunts.
The easiest way to defeat the first boss is to use your main character’s power attack. Move a bit away from the boss, turn, and hold the finger on the screen to charge the special attack. Getting in close is no good idea with that boss.
Make sure you collect every bonus that you get in the records menu. This gets you gold and also some Jade which you can spend on upgrades.
As far as training goes, critical hit and evasion are the things you should concentrate on at first. The first improves the chance to deal more damage, the later to evade it.
You should however spend 100 gold in each training option to get them all to level 2. If you have enough gold, increase your hitpoints as well.
Weapon upgrades can be really useful later on. You should not waste them though on the first weapon. It only increases the attack damage by a small percentage,
Each boss drops a new weapon that you can equip. It is more powerful than the last and may also provide you with other bonuses.
Use the random enemies that spawn during boss fights to replenish your health.
The second boss is not that hard to beat either. What you need to do here is to keep moving constantly. Attack him after he finished his ground attack, or get fast in when he is pulling is bow up to shoot at you. Get a couple of hits in, double-tap to get away and keep moving to avoid getting hid by the arrows.
Use your special attacks against bosses, they may not do that much damage but they do help and that is all that counts.
You do not need to buy gold or jade in store but it certainly helps. If the game is too hard otherwise, you may want to do so to improve your character’s training or buy better equipment.

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