The house of a person is known to be his or her permanent shelter as well as comfort zones where they can spend their life peacefully. The structural integrity, as well as overnight alignment of the house of a person, is directly dependent upon on the strength of the foundation of your house. In case, the foundation of your house is not stable or strong, it can create some of the structural problems that later on turn out to be any mishappening or accident. You can go for underpinning of your house or simple foundation repair services if you do not want to compromise with the structural integrity and avoid mishappening.
The strength, as well as stability of your house foundation, also depends upon the nature and soil present near the house. However, if there is any type of change in the soil under your house, it would affect the foundation of your house in many different ways.

Methods For Repairing the Foundation

Depth and Breadth Method

This method is known to be the same as its name suggests and it is used for spreading the weight of structure along with depth as well as breadth of the foundation. This method is usually used for house underpinning which leans on one side because it happens because of loosening of soil under its foundation. Although your building would rest on the loosened Soil, the weight of the structure is again redistributed on the large surface area for loosening the pressure coming from loosen soil. The process to underpin a house with this method is costly but it is very time-consuming method and provides guaranteed results.

Mass Concrete Method

The mass concrete method is still known to be one of the traditional and oldest methods to underpin a house. This process has brought no changes in its steps for house underpinning. This method also includes the use of box-shaped void under the present foundation of your house and filling them with solid concrete. The voids are known to be placed under unstable as well as weak foundation to get strong foundation support. The mass concrete method is also practical as well as cheap method for underpinning the house without even utilizing heavy machinery and evacuating the place.

Mini-Piled Method

The method of mini-piled underpinning is usually used when the condition of ground is variable as well as access to current foundation is limited. This method is carried out by distributing the weight of the structure on the deep-down foundations of your house. The strengthening process is done when the foundation is relieved of the pressure and that specified pressure is transferred to a stable depth of 5 metres under the foundation of your house.

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