The human brain is made up of four unique brainwaves with specific frequencies. They are known for affecting the way the brain functions in diverse circumstances. They also help a lot in the learning process. One of the greatest discoveries you will ever make about the brain is that you can easily interchange your brainwaves and learning process. This can be as easy as 1-2-3 when you master the processes involved. When it comes to this matter, there are certain facts you need to know.

As a healthy individual, your brain is made up of billions of cells known as neurons. They make use of electrical patterns termed "brainwaves" in achieving specific purposes. There are basically 4 different brainwaves patterns namely beta, alpha, theta and delta. The Beta wave is usually diffused when you are consciously at alert or when you are tensed up. It can also be discharged when you are afraid or agitated. This can easily affect your learning process especially if you are still in school. The frequency emitted by beta ranges from 13 to 60 pulses per seconds.

The alpha wave is diffused when you are in a state of consciousness or you are in physical tranquility but you may still be aware of your environment at such points. The frequency range for alpha is between 7 and 13 pulses per second. The Theta wave comes up when you are in a state of lethargy or daze. Its frequency ranges from 4 to 7 pulses per second. Delta wave on its part is emitted when you are totally in a state of deep sleep or total unconsciousness. The frequency emitted ranges from 0.1 to 4 pulses per second.

All these emissions in their different frequencies go a long way to affecting the learning process either for good or bad. Brainwaves and learning have common grounds when you consider the various ways of human mind wave's condition. Your learning ability can be very progressive and active when the beta wave is on course. Usually, your mental system is always very active and alert when the beta wave is on. Learning can be a bit slow when the alpha wave is on course. You will only be aware of some things going around you. When theta is on, learning can be further slowed since you are into a state of reduced consciousness. On the other hand, the learning ability is completely moribund when the delta wave is on course. This is true since you are in a complete state of unconsciousness or deep sleep at such period.

In any case, you can always improve your brainwaves and learning ability by engaging in several brain exercises that can be of help. There are specific exercises developed to enhance the brainwaves. There are also specific exercises designed to improved learning. When you combine them efficiently, you are sure to discover how effective the learning process can be. It is important you go for various resources like in CD which have been developed to help you engage in several brain exercises that can make you enjoy the best of life.

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