Generally, the call center software comes with a wide array of features inbuilt and integrated in it. The call center solution comes with an amazing range of features which are really helpful to the call centers. In this article, I will shed more light on different types of dialers available in the call center solution. The dialers are used to dial outbound calls which can be dialed for the lead generation or customer service related campaigns. Based on the campaign, the call center can use the dialer in a way that it increases the productivity of agents and effectiveness of the campaign so more goals can be converted.

The best call center solutions generally offer 5 different types of call center dialers which are briefed below:

1. Predictive Dialer

The dialer predicts in advance that how many agents will be available to attend the next call and how many calls will be answered from the dialed number of calls. This dialer is one of the most advanced dialers in the call center solution. It helps in increasing resource utilization and agent productivity.

2. Progressive dialer

This dialer is also an advanced dialer which automates call dialing process. The dialer screen the list of numbers and abandoned rate to identify the number of calls should be dialed to reach the customer or prospect. The call center solution only routes the call to the agent if it is connected to the customer or prospects. This differs with predictive dialer in a way that it dials out only when the agent finishes his call and is ready to take the next call. The benefit of the progressive dialer is that it reduces abandoned rate and lift up productivity of the agents.

3. Auto dialer

This call center dialer automates the dial out process in the call center. It automatically dials the number and route it to the agent as soon as the call is answered. The call might have answered by an answering machine or reached a fax system or it is giving a busy tone or it can have actually connected to the customer or prospect. The auto dialer helps in saving time on manually dialing the numbers. It also contributes in increasing productivity of the agents.

4. Preview dialer

This is an interesting dialer feature in which the call center solution shows the lead detail of the next call to be dialed to the agent before actually dialing it. In simple words, it shows a preview of the next call. The agent can choose to dial, in that case, the system will automatically dial the number or the agent can also skip the lead for any specific reason such as not having required skills to handle that customer or prospect. This helps in increasing first call resolution ratio in the call centers.

5. Manual dialer

It is the most simplest and basic dialer. The call center solution shows a dialer / dialpad to the agent and agent can manually dial a lead number. It is useful when an agent needs to call on a new number or for any random lead, which is not listed on the lead list.

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