Whether you just want to grow your family through surrogacy or want to bestow the gift of parenthood by being a surrogate mother, you may have a number of questions about the surrogacy process and how this process works actually.

The process of surrogacy is based on state laws. Given here is quick help for the intended parents as well surrogate mothers who are looking for the best surrogacy clinic in Delhi or elsewhere and do not know anything about the process.

Decide if Surrogacy is a Good Choice for You:
As a first step, you need to consider whether surrogacy is a right choice for you. Becoming a surrogate is an emotional and a long journey in which both the parties should be well-committed. Couples that want surrogates should research well on the laws of surrogacy first. Considering its pros and cons beforehand is essential. It is good to talk to the various surrogacy professionals to understand whether it is right for you. Being a surrogate is life-changing decision as you have to commit to some other family for a year so.

Understanding the Different Types:
Once any prospective surrogate or any intended parent has decided to commit to surrogacy, they should know their goals and need.

There are mainly two types:

Traditional Surrogacy:
In this type of surrogacy, surrogate mother is also the biological mother of the children she carries. Her egg gets fertilized using sperm of the indented father who is a donor with the help of intra-uterine insemination.

Gestational Surrogacy:
Contrary to the traditional one, in this type of surrogacy the child is not related to the surrogate mother. The embryo is created in an artificial environment with egg from intended mother or a donor and sperm from the intended father using in-vitro fertilization. The process is hence also known as in-vitro fertilization. Once the egg gets fertilized in the lab it can be transferred to the surrogate.

Moreover, there are two types of the surrogacy professionals who would complete the process.

Surrogacy Attorney:
Attorneys are required to complete the entire legal framework. But, they are meant for covering legalities of the procedure only. They do not provide other important services.

Being Intended parent, creating a solid surrogacy plan is important that matches your preferences and goals. You should know what type of surrogacy you will pursue (Whether IVF or traditional), whether you need a surrogate or will require an agency for that, which surrogacy agency will you choose and much more.

Once the contracts are signed between the surrogate mother and the intended parents, it is time for the medical procedure to prepare for the embryo transfer. This is the stage where you should begin looking for the best surrogacy centre in delhi ncr or elsewhere so that it can be accomplished well. During the process the intended mother or the egg donor will be given medications that would let her develop the eggs and then the eggs will be fertilized in an artificial environment in the laboratory before being transferred to the surrogate mother. Surrogates undergo a number of fertility treatments before the embryos are finally transferred. Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour in Delhi is an expert in handling surrogacy cases and has dealt with several cases successfully.

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SCI Healthcare, Founder & Director Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour has experienced more than 10years in fertility services. Dr. Shivani Gour completed her graduation and speciality training in Gynecology and Obstetrics from Mumbai.