Speaking in the language of the stock market, shares means the share in companies. For example, a company has issued a total of 10 lakh shares. You buy as many shares as per company proposal, you own proprietary rights in that company, which you can sell to any other buyer whenever you want. You can buy maximum shares ranging from 100.

When a company is new, then, in terms of government rules, if they want to invest money from the public, then they have to sell the company's shares in the form of shares; it is dependent on the company that they want to sell their share in public. Most companies hold more than 50% of their shares so that they have their own right over the company's management. The company uses the money coming from the public for growth and installation or other income.

Now when the company is set up, to sell the share in the market, it needs a platform, that platform exchanges, the main exchange in India, which is used in the share market,
(1) NSE - National Stock Exchange
(2) BSE - Bombay Stock Exchange

The Bombay Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange of India. It was established in 1875. BSE has an important role in providing India the highest position in the international financial market. It is Asia's oldest and the country's first stock exchange - has got permanent approval under the Bombay Stock Exchange Securities Contract Regulation Act, 1956
The Exchange is operated by the Directors Board under the leadership of Managing Director. This board comprises representatives of reputable professionals, trading members, and public representatives. The exchange spreads nationally with its presence in small cities of India. The 'trading right' and `ownership right 'in the exchange differ from each other. In this situation, special care is taken on the interest of the investors. Exchange ensures the framework and transparent trading system for the business of equity, debt & powers and options. BSE's online trading system is the best quality.

National Stock Exchange is India's largest and technically leading stock exchange. It is located in Mumbai. It was established in 1992. It is the world's third-largest stock exchange in terms of business. Its VSAT terminals are spread over 320 cities of India.

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