What is the first thing that we do when we know that we are not well? We obviously take some medicine or go to the doctor, right? So what should be the first thing you should do when your car gives you the signal that it’s not well and it needs to be taken to the service center? You might be thinking how will your car talk? But don’t be mistaken or under the impression that your car cannot talk, it certainly cannot talk in the literal sense but it surely would send you all the signals that would indicate that it is not in a good condition and it should be serviced from a Honda Service center.

There are some common signs that a car will tell you and it is very important you get to know those signs like-

If you car shows the signs that its carbon monoxide is leaking then you should be alert as it happens that the carbon monoxide is odorless and so it becomes difficult at times to detect the leak. So this is the perfect time when you will have to listen to the signs of your own body as well as the car, as carbon monoxide is harmful for your body as well. It is quite toxic for the human and it may cause drowsiness, nausea and it may also develop a ringing sound in your ears, as it indicates that you will be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning due to the leak that happened inside the car. If you get such an indication then you should get your car serviced.

If you use used Honda still you need to be alert about your car and get it serviced regularly. Have you ever heard your car crying? Yes it happens with many cars when they can’t take it anymore. They give you a high pitched squealing or a whistling sound when you will apply the brake or at times when your brake pedal feels spongy or may be too soft that it is required to be pushed almost to the floor in order to stop the car so it means that you would need to get the brakes. The crying or the squealing happens because of the water that happens on the brake pads or may be the brake pads are quite low.

Your car is not a musical instrument right so why does it have to produce strange noises every time? If you hear any strange noises coming out from your car like some clunking, clattering or some kind of rattling then be rest assured that it is coming from the engine. This could be that your car is indicting that you have blown the head gasket. Notice all these signs and never commit the mistake to ignore these signs and take care of your used Honda or brand new Honda and get it regularly serviced from the Honda service center.

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