Nowadays, prostatitis is a widespread male disease. Many men are troubled by it. What do patients of prostatitis eat?

1. Tomato: for the patients with prostatitis, it is good to eat some tomatoes properly. It is suitable for patients with prostatitis to cook porridge with tomatoes, celery, and carrots.

2. Mung beans: mung beans are the beans that we often eat in our life, which are of great value to the body and can help patients urinate and eliminate inflammation. Wash the mung beans and put them into the water to boil and then eat them.

3. Grapes: it is also helpful for prostatitis to wash the grapes and put them into the juicer to make juice for drinking.

4. White orchid pork soup: prepare a proper amount of lean meat, then cut it into small pieces, and prepare an appropriate amount of white orchid. Add both into the pot and salt stew. Take it once a day. It can relieve the symptoms of prostatitis.

Prostatitis is a common male disease and has an impact on fertility. So, in addition to the diet as mentioned above, patients also need to take drug treatment. For acute prostatitis can be generally treated with antibiotics, but for chronic prostatitis, herbal Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a good therapeutic effect.

For prevention, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Drink more water: drink more water every day, which can not only prevent prostatitis but also assist in the treatment of prostatitis. The prostatic fluid produced by the prostate will be discharged to the urethral orifice. The longer the prostatic fluid can not be removed in time and stay in the urethra, the more likely it is to trigger prostate infection. Regular drinking of water will increase the number of times the body urinates, which can discharge prostate fluid.

2. Clean the prostate frequently: change your underwear often every day, choose the right underwear to avoid bacteria, and clean your prostate regularly to prevent bacterial infection. Especially in the scrotum, there is more sweat, so it should be clean. There is also the inner part of the foreskin, which is easy to get dirty. Please clean it in time.

3. Develop a good life habit: usually, eat more green vegetables and fruits, supplement vitamin C such as vegetables, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, kiwifruit, etc., eat less spicy, fried food, no tobacco and alcohol. Constipation also has a significant influence on the former case of adenitis. It is necessary to keep the stool unblocked at ordinary times.

Usually, try not to sit for a long time. You can stand up and exercise for a while after sitting for a long time because research shows that people who sit for a long time are most likely to suffer from anterior adenoiditis. Pay attention to keeping warm, such as not sitting in a cold chair, because the cold will stimulate the prostate. Besides, taking a warm bath can also effectively prevent prostatitis.

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