While all firms are grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, consumer-facing businesses face particular issues. As 2022 is here, you must consider how your future has been redefined by the digital-first experiences of the previous two years. Businesses are encountering clients in the digital arena more than ever before, owing to rising demand and attempting to provide a service experience that respects the person behind the screen. This is where excellent IVR benefits enter. It is a technology that uses pre-recorded voice messages and Text to Speech technology to automate customer interactions in both inbound and outgoing calls. It operates based on the customer's DTMF input. Interact with callers via IVR and transfer calls to agents as needed.

24x7 customer support:

For your company, an IVR system offers two advantages such as For starters, it gives your business a professional appearance. Secondly, it decreases caller stay time and increases the likelihood of a First Call Resolution. When you buy IVR solution for your business, your consumers will receive consistent service, such as recording messages 24/7 and responding immediately to their questions. Because of the Automatic Call Distribution feature, calls are immediately routed to the appropriate department. Callers can connect to the sales, support, or accounts division to contact the appropriate department. These elements improve customer satisfaction by making a caller's engagement with your company more enjoyable. Customers who are happy with your product may become brand ambassadors.

Offer personalized experience:

IVR systems allow for a great deal of personalization, which can help your business build stronger ties with its customers. Some advanced IVR solutions can even greet users with customized greetings using caller ID information. Apart from calling the consumer by name, this technology also enables the collection and identification of certain data to assist the organization inappropriately addressing the customer. The best IVR service provides the ability to personalize consumer encounters by using names in welcome greetings and forecasting their requirements based on previous interactions. On the other side, Language settings can also be customized based on the client's native tongue.

Call routing:

The right IVR systems in your business will allow for intelligent and efficient call routing, assisting callers in reaching the appropriate department. Agents can use call routing to prioritize important calls and improve performance metrics, including first-call resolution rates, average answer time, and handling time. This cuts down on time spent on gathering information from callers or moving calls across departments.

Generate more leads:

IVR is evolving into a new sales channel that can complement or even replace telemarketing. By automating reaching out to potential clients, your IVR system can help in lead conversion. To find out what they think, you can conduct a survey or a simple questionnaire. The majority would be delighted to respond to queries with several choices. After answering a few simple questions, potential clients can be rapidly connected to actual salespeople. As a result, thanks to IVR, you are generating more leads and learning more about them.

Enhance brand image:

IVR solution helps increase brand visibility and value by making your company appear professional. Whether you have five or fifty workers working in your company, an IVR may help you look to be a giant corporation with several divisions and multiple devoted staff in each area. It allows callers to communicate with specialists based on the options they select from a multi-level IVR menu when you install it in your organization. You can program your IVR to prompt different departments, such as sales, support, and marketing, and route all calls to the same team or individual without the caller being aware.

Easy to set up and activate:

Setting up an IVR is no longer as difficult now that it is included in a cloud-based call centre solution. The excellent IVR platform can be configured using a simple drag-and-drop interface available through your computer browser. This eliminates the requirement for you and your company to employ specialists to build and configure your IVR menu and call flow according to your preferences.

Install IVR system with Knowlarity:

Finally, providing the best customer experience is critical to the future of IVR. The future of virtual numbers with emerging CX trends mentioned above will present businesses with both opportunities and challenges. Knowlarity is the largest cloud communication provider in promising markets, with clients from a wide range of sectors to establish IVR for your business. Knowlarity is the finest option for your organization if you need IVR solutions.

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